Tim Shaffer (Casey's/VRP Shocks) took the checkers to win the 40 lap National Sprint Tour A main feature topping a fine evening of racing at Dodge City Raceway Park Saturday night.  Shaffer held a big lead over the rest of the field but did not take it for granted.  In victory circle he commented, “I knew I had a good sized lead, but, with the cars running in the NST right now, no lead is safe.  You cannot give up anything to anyone because they can run you down anytime.” 


There is no question that Shaffer took the “right lane” during the fast dash lane choice ceremony on the front straight.  The other dash winner Paul McMahan (Bass Pro Shops) was asked which lane he would advise Shaffer to choose.  McMahan responded, “Tim is going to be tough and I’m sure he’s going to pick the right lane.  I hope he picks the wrong lane for the start.”  When asked which lane McMahan thought Shaffer would pick he replied, “I ain’t saying’ nothing; the wrong lane.”   Shaffer’s choice gave him the lead out of turn 2 of the first lap and he would hold that position through lap seven.  Shaffer was followed by McMahon and Tim Kaeding (Slick 50) and Jason Solwold (City Wide).


Heavy smoke started pouring out of Kaeding’s sprinter on lap three and he seemed to slow slightly allowing Solwold to pass for third on the sixth lap.  At this point Steve Kinser (Quaker State) moved into a solid fourth.  A determined Kinser was on the move. McMahon powered by Shaffer for the lead and held on from lap 9 through 17.   The heavy lapped traffic and great driving powered Shaffer back into the lead in 3 and 4 of lap 18.  Kinser followed in second with a couple of shots at the lead in the remaining laps but Shaffer always chose as good or better line to defend the lead.  McMahon was losing grip and a renewed Kaeding took over the third position on lap 30.  By lap 34 Solwold had passed McMahon for fourth rounding out the finishing order for top five spots.


As the fast time qualifier, Shaffer, showed his mastery and comfort with the Dodge track.  While some maneuvering in the pack was going on he was unchallenged from lap 17 of the forty lap main.  The track conditions, permitting multiple lines, allowed an unbelievable display of driving fast in traffic for the fans.  Lapped traffic was lapped on the inside and outside at the same time all over the track.  The top five moving through this high speed obstacle course was a thrilling sight for the fans.   


The B main was won by the Josh Grady (J&M Racing Engines) followed by Natalie Sather (Sather).  Seth Brahmer (Freedom Lending), Mike Woodruff (Coors Light) and Rich Bubak (AAI Speed) completed the finishing order for the top five.


Dash one was led by Shaffer from the pole through the checkers.  The Solwold moved up to second followed by Jason Sides (Wetherington), Larry LaPoint (The Motorcycle Shop), and Brian Paulus (Arnold).


Dash two saw McMahan charge with Kaeding and Kinser following to the finish. They were followed by Shane Stewart (Rudeen), Danny Lasoski (Roth) and Lucas Wolfe (Selma Shell).


Heat one was won by the Sides followed by the Shaffer, Kinser, Mike Chadd (Carpet Land) and Stewart.  Stewart battled back from a near miss collision when Kinser did an Eldora slide-job on Sather causing her to spin-out in turn four leaving Stewart no-where to go.


Heat two saw local driver Ned Powers (Coors Light) hold off the Jason Meyers (Elite Landscaping), Kaeding, Danny Lasoski (Roth), and Garry Lee Maier (Max Jantz Excavating) for the win.


Heat three had the “Who Monsters” of Brian Paulus (Arnold) grab the win on the last corner of the last lap from Kelly Kinser (Crone Lumber).  They were J D Johnson (Evans Bldg. Co.), Solwold and McMahan.


The National Sprint Tour will be on the road to Attica, OH and Attica Raceway Park for a Friday show on May 26.