SUBJECT:  Tim Kaeding wins at Hutchinson Raceway Park


STORY BY:  Fran Engelcke


“I love this sport”, shouted Tim Kaeding (Slick 50) after winning the sixth National Sprint Tour event of the season at Hutchison Raceway Park in Hutchison, Kansas on Friday night.  Kaeding passed the outside pole sitter, Tim Shaffer (Casey’s), by taking the low line through turns 3 and 4 of the first lap.  Shane Stewart (Rudeen) spun out bringing out the first yellow flag on lap 3 after bending a radius rod.  Stewart gets caught up with Scott Lehman (Roto-Rooter) on the next lap for the second yellow flag.  His luck continued to deteriorate with a second unaided spin for yellow flag #3.  This brought out the black flag for Stewart ending his evening.


Kaeding took the lead in lap 5 after making the same move stick on the leader Jason Solwold (Citywide).  Tim made this one happen in turns 1 and 2 while Steve Kinser (Quaker) passed Solwold low in 3 and 4.  Kinser tried the high groove to get around his protégé.  On lap 8, Kinser pulled up side-by-side but Kaeding held Kinser off to maintain the lead.  The Steve Kinser Racing cars held the top 2 positions for the rest of the feature. 


Tim commented on the impact lapped traffic had on his ability to stay ahead of Kinser, “I tried to pick them (traffic) off as clean as I could, without getting in any trouble.”  I can slow down so much in this race car that it makes me think that much more.  To be able to maneuver around lapped traffic.”


The boisterous crowd was on its feet for most of the main event as four cautions kept the field tight.   Lap 10 of the 30 lap main show had the top five places filled by Kaeding, Kinser, Solwold, Shaffer, and Jason Meyers (Elite Landscaping). Sammy Swindell (Volcano Joe’s) had moved up a spot to 6th.  After battling Swindell for position for most of the race, Meyers was able to hold the position and managed to get by Solwold in turns 3 and 4 with six laps to go.   Sammy also passed Solwold two laps later which set the top five finishers of the main.  The top five was Kaeding, Kinser, Shaffer, Meyers, and Swindell.  Local driver, Travis Rilat 29 (Kantor Oil) had a strong evening finishing in the top 10 in the ninth spot.


After the race, Kinser commented on the phenomenal run Kaeding is having by saying, “He has been running for a long time and we knew he would do a good job.  That is the reason he is in the car.”


In the first dash, pole sitter, Shaffer, got the jump at the start and held the lead the entire six laps.  Kinser tried hard to chase him down to no avail in the final two laps. The finishing order was Shaffer, Kinser, Meyer, Stewart (Rudeen), Sides (Sides) and Lasoski (Roth).


Solwold jumped on the methanol at the beginning of the second dash and held the lead all six laps.  His faster time gave him lane choice and he chose the inside lane for the “A” as that is where he won his dash.


The first heat race was won by Mike Chadd(Carpet Land), followed by the Shaffer, Sides, Swindell, Wolfe (Selma/Shell), Brian Paulus (Arnold Transportation Services) and Brian Herbert (Piper Trucking). 


Heat race 2 was won by Paul McMahan (Bass Pro) from a fourth position start.  He was

followed by Meyers, Lasoski, Kaeding and local drivers Abe Sherwood (Kantor Oil), Shane Howard (Rasor Automotive) and Chris Morgan (Retail Paint and Body).


Shane Stewart and Kinser came to the front from mid-field followed by Steve King (ICM Corp.), Travis Rilat (Kantor), Solwold, Scott Lehman (Roto-Rooter) and Mike Woodroff (Coors Light).


Fourteen drivers qualified faster than the old track record of 15.835 set by Steve Kinser in 1992.  Tonight’s new track record of 14.661 was set by Jason Sides.  This was his second fast time twice this season. 


National Sprint Tour action continues May 2 at Davenport Speedway in Davenport, IA.


NST RESULTS – Hutchinson Raceway Park, 04/21/06




1)         Jason Sides, Sides, 7S, 14.661

2)         Tim Kaeding, Kinser,      11K, 14.731

3)         Steve Kinser, Kinser, 11, 14.775

4)         Sammy Swindell, Forbrook, 5, 14.801

5)         Danny   Lasoski, Roth, 83, 14.856

6)         Jason Solwold, Carnahan, R19, 14.922

7)         Tim Shaffer, Parsons,     6, 15.016

8)         Paul McMahan, Stewart, 20, 15.026

9)         Shane Stewart, Rudeen, 26, 15.088

10)        Brian Paulus, P & P Motorsports, 28, 15.091

11)        Jason Meyers,   Stockbridge, 14, 15.184

12)        Travis Rilat, Rilat, 29, 15.374

13)        Mike Chadd, Chadd, 4, 15.602

14)        Abe Sherwood   , Kantor, 44J, 15.794

15)        Steve King, King, 88,      15.891

16)        Lucas Wolfe, Helm, 11H, 16.026

17)        Chris Morgan, Morgan, 7C, 16.566

18)        Scott Lehman, Wilson/Bauck/Vincent, 9S, 16.614

19)        Brian Herbert,    Herbert, 97, 16.738

20)        Shane Howard, Rasor, 21, 17.377

21)        Mike Woodruff, Hatteborg, 44X, ####

22)        Mark Robe, Bontrager, 17, ####



HEAT 1 – 10 LAPS


1)         Mike Chadd

2)         Tim Shaffer

3)         Jason Sides

4)         Sammy Swindell

5)         Lucas Wolfe

6)         Brian Paulus

7)         Brian Herbert










HEAT 2 – 10 LAPS


1)         Paul McMahan

2)         Jason Meyers

3)         Danny Lasoski

4)         Tim Kaeding

5)         Abe Sherwood

6)         Shane Howard

7)         Chris Morgan


HEAT 3 - 10 LAPS


1)         Shane Stewart

2)         Steve Kinser

3)         Steve King

4)         Travis Rilat

5)         Jason Solwold

6)         Scott Lehman

8)         Mike Woodroff




1)         Tim Shaffer

2)         Steve Kinser

3)         Jason Meyers

4)         Shane Stewart

5)         Jason Sides

6)         Danny Lasoski




1)         Jason Solwold

2)         Tim Kaeding

3)         Travis Rilat

4)         Sammy Swindell

5)         Paul McMahan

6)         Brian Paulus












1)         Tim Kaeding, [3], [$10,000]

2)         Steve Kinser, [4], [$5,500]

3)         Tim Shaffer, [2], [$3,200]

4)         Jason Meyers,   [6], [$2,800]

5)         Sammy Swindell, [7], [$2,500]

6)         Jason Solwold, [1], [$2,300]

7)         Danny   Lasoski, [12], [$2,200]

8)         Jason Sides, [10], [$2,100]

9)         Travis    Rilat, [5], [$2,050]

10)        Brian Paulus, [11], [$2,000]

11)        Paul McMahan, [9], [$1,500]

12)        Lucas Wolfe, [16], [$1,200]

13)        Abe Sherwood, [14], [$1,100]

14)        Mike Chadd, [13], [$1,050]

15)        Mark Robe [21], [$1,000]

16)        Shane Howard, [19], [$850]

17)        Scott Lehman, [17], [$750]

18)        Steve King, [15], [$700]

19)        Brian Herbert, [18], [$700]

20)        Shane   Stewart, [8], [$700]

21)        Mike Woodruff, [20], [$700]

22)        Chris Morgan, [22], [$700]



Lap Leaders – Jason Solwold 1-4

                        Tim Kaeding 5-30