The Mole Files:

Mike "Mole" Wertz shared a few classic photos with HammerDown! Enjoy!

In 1986 and 1987 - Leslie Bremmer set a new standard for Trophy Presenters.

Sammy Swindell looks a lot like his son Kevin in the 1987 shot with Leslie at ASCOT Park.

Bobby Davis Jr. and Leslie made the color red look good at ASCOT in 1986.

Leslie could run a class on how to keep everyone involved in the victory photos. Here she is clearly posing with Steve Kinser while not ingoring Mark Kinser.

Brad Doty took advantage of Leslie turning her head to get a closer look at her bikini.

Mole didn't keep Leslie pics exclusively - here he has a shot of the runner-up in the Miss Golden State 100 contest.

(Left to right) - Les Kepler, Leslie, and Hall of Fame racer, Bobby Allen. From 1986 at ASCOT Park in Gardena, CA.

Darrell Hanestad enjoys a victory


The best shot in Mole's collection may be this one of Brent Kaeding and Steve Kinser in 1987. Guess what they are looking at!

Finally, here is Leslie and her friend Mike "Mole" Wertz.

Thanks Mole!