Swindell Captures Knoxville Non-Qualifier A-main; Kraig Kinser Scrambles to Nationals Pole

Knoxville, IAAugust 14, 2005 — By Chris Dolack, World of Outlaws Senior Writer

Sammy Swindell started on the pole for the 45th Annual Knoxville Nationals non-qualifiers A-main and dominated the 20-lap event Sunday afternoon at Knoxville Raceway.

The race was originally scheduled for Friday but persistent rain that cancelled two nights of racing since the event began on Wednesday forced the Friday and Saturday programs to run on Sunday.

With the track dry and fast, Swindell charged out on the bottom as Paul McMahan cut from fourth to second. Jesse Hockett joined the mix as those three pulled away from the field. With scrambles and heats already completed, the track was dry and fast. The leaders struggled just to work through traffic.

With 10 to go, McMahan went high in Turn 1 to take a shot at Swindell, but Hockett stayed on the bottom and shot right past him to grab second. McMahan went back around Hockett before they completed the lap as those three again took off nose-to-tail.

With three to go, the right rear on Hockett’s machine exploded in Turn 4, sending him to the work area and turning it into a two-car race. Swindell charged back to the front on the restart as McMahan settled back into second. Jaymie Moyle wound up third, followed by Blake Feese and Calvin Landis.

Kraig Kinser earned the pole position for the A-main when he finished fourth in the A-scramble, an event also delayed from Friday. That was enough to put his Steve Kinser Racing machine on the pole for the A-main in the 45th running of the Knoxville Nationals.

Starting next to Kinser will be
Brian Paulus. Danny Lasoski, who led the points after the two qualifying nights finished ninth in the scramble and dropped to the outside of the third row.

Swindell’s victory means he will start 11th in the C-main later Sunday night. Only two cars will transfer from the C-main to the rear of the B-main, where four cars will transfer to the rear of the main event.

“We had a great car, just had a couple of unusual circumstances on Friday,” said Swindell, the 1983 Knoxville Nationals champion from Bartlett, Tenn. “I think we had a shot at getting right up there at the front on Thursday but the rain hurt that. Then we had a couple of little problems on our qualifying night so here we are today. The car is still fast. The last lap or so I picked the pace up just to see what it would do. We have a hard road the rest of the day so we’ll just see what happens.

“It’s probably the second year we don’t get to run the A-main so it’s going to be kind of tough. If the track doesn’t change quite a bit, it’s probably going to be very difficult to move around. If the guys don’t make a mistake, I can’t even pass the cars I’m lapping. It’s tough but you have to deal with whatever you got and we’ll make the best of what we have.”

McMahan figured he had one shot at passing Swindell, but when Hockett snuck to his inside McMahan realized he had to get back in the bottom groove.

“We got to lapped traffic but there was no place to go,” said McMahan, a Mean 15 racer from
Nashville, Tenn. “I tried to get to the outside of him one time and lost a spot. I was able to get it back but the only way I was going to get by Sammy was if I drove right through him and that’s not me.”

Earlier on Sunday, Ed Lynch Jr., the
Lernerville Speedway champion from Apollo, Pa., captured the C-scramble and 2004 Kings Royal champion Jason Sides of Bartlett, Tenn., won the B-scramble.

After completing the Nationals, the series begins a swing to the West Coast Aug. 16 with a one-night show at Red River Valley Speedway in West Fargo, N.D., before invading Billings Speedway on Aug.19-20 in Billings, Mont.; Grays Harbor Speedway Aug. 26-27 in Elma, Wash.; and Cottage Grove Speedway Aug. 30 in Cottage Grove, Ore.

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Heat 1, 8 laps, 2:10
1. Sammy Swindell,
Germantown TN
2. Jesse Hockett,
Warsaw MO
3. Luke Cranston,
Ness City KS
4. Jon Agan,
Knoxville IA
5. Mike Kertscher,
Fredonia Wi
6. Seth Brahmer,
Wisner NE
7. Tyler Houseman,
Runnells IA
8. Sean Walden,
Bentonville AR
9. Randy Anderson,
Clarion IA;

Heat 2, 8 laps, No Time
1. Jaymie Moyle,
Knoxville IA
2. Dusty Zomer, Brandon SD
3. Danny Jennings, Norman OK
4. Jonathan Allard,
Chico CA
5. John Lambertz,
Sioux Falls SD
6. Kevin Huntley,
Bloomington IN
7. Jamie Zaputil, Mystic IA
8. Matt Wasmund,
Jackson MN
9. Robert Bell,
Colfax IA
Tim St. Arnold, Des Moines IA;

Heat 3, 8 laps, 2:07.2:
1. Blake Feese,
Saybrook IL
2. Mike Erdley, Elizabethville PA
3. Roger Crockett,
Eugene OR
4. Ryan Anderson, Charter Oak IA
5. Danny Smith,
Danville IN
6. Mike Deavers,
Normal IL
7. Ian Madsen, Sydney, NSW, Aust.
8. Matt Moro,
Ankeny IA
9. Greg Jones,
Earlham IA;

Heat 4, 8 laps, 2:09.4:
1. Paul McMahan,
Nashville TN
2. Calvin Landis,
Knoxville IA
3. Josh Higday,
Des Moines IA
Chad Meyer, Sioux Falls SD
5. Mark Dobmeier,
Grand Forks ND
6. Dave Enders,
Kiel WI
7. Rager Phillips,
Pleasantville IA
8. Ty Bartz, Howards Grove WI
9. Kim Mock, Pleasant Prairie WI;

Heat 5, 8 laps, No Time:
1. Mike Moore,
Des Moines IA
2. TJ
Stutts, Liverpool PA
3. Ricky Stenhouse Jr., Olive Branch MS
4. Jeff Mitrisin,
Oskaloosa IA
5. Brent Antill,
Ankeny IA
6. Bob Bennett, Lewisberry PA
7. Lynton Jeffrey, Sydney, NSW, Aust.
8. Jamie McDonald, Birkenhead Point, NI, NZ
9. Robert Huisken, Marne MI;

B Feature, 10 laps, No Time:
1. Mike Kertscher,
Fredonia Wi
2. Danny Smith,
Danville IN
3. Seth Brahmer,
Wisner NE
4. John Lambertz,
Sioux Falls SD
5. Kevin Huntley,
Bloomington IN
6. Bob Bennett, Lewisberry PA
7. Brent Antill,
Ankeny IA
8. Matt Moro,
Ankeny IA
9. Lynton Jeffrey, Sydney, NSW, Aust.
10. Dave Enders,
Kiel WI
11. Greg Jones,
Earlham IA
12. Tyler Houseman,
Runnells IA
13. Robert Huisken,
Marne MI
14. Jamie McDonald, Birkenhead Point, NI, NZ
15. Mark Dobmeier,
Grand Forks ND
16. Ian Madsen, Sydney, NSW, Aust.
17. Matt Wasmund,
Jackson MN
18. Robert Bell,
Colfax IA
19. Mike Deavers,
Normal IL
20. Jamie Zaputil, Mystic IA
21. Sean Walden,
Bentonville AR
22. Ty Bartz, Howards Grove WI
Tim St. Arnold, Des Moines IA;

A Feature, 20 laps, No Time:
1. Sammy Swindell,
Germantown TN
2. Paul McMahan,
Nashville TN
3. Jaymie Moyle,
Knoxville IA
4. Blake Feese,
Saybrook IL
5. Calvin Landis,
Knoxville IA
6. Jeff Mitrisin,
Oskaloosa IA
7. Mike Moore,
Des Moines IA
8. Danny Jennings, Norman OK
9. Ricky Stenhouse Jr., Olive Branch MS
10. Jonathan Allard,
Chico CA
11. Danny Smith,
Danville IN
Chad Meyer, Sioux Falls SD
13. Mike Kertscher,
Fredonia Wi
14. Luke Cranston,
Ness City KS
15. Ryan Anderson, Charter Oak IA
16. Josh Higday,
Des Moines IA
17. Seth Brahmer,
Wisner NE
18. Dusty Zomer, Brandon SD
19. Jon Agan,
Knoxville IA
20. TJ
Stutts, Liverpool PA
21. Jesse Hockett,
Warsaw MO
22. John Lambertz,
Sioux Falls SD
23. Mike Erdley, Elizabethville PA
24. Roger Crockett,
Eugene OR.
Lap Leaders: Swindell 1-20

C Scramble, 12 laps, No Time:
1. Ed Lynch Jr., Apollo PA
2. Cody Geldart, Mossley, ONT,
3. Bob Weuve,
Newton IA
4. Jesse Giannetto,
Palo IA
5. Kevin Swindell,
Germantown TN
6. Clint Garner,
Sioux Falls SD
7. Johnny Herrera,
Albuquerque NM
8. Brandon Wimmer,
Fairmont IN
9. Geoff Dodge, Colorado Springs CO
10. Ryan Coniam,
Burlington, ONT, Can.

B Scramble, 12 laps, No Time
1. Jason Sides,
Bartlett TN
2. Erin Crocker, Wilbraham MA
3. Daryn Pittman, Owasso OK
4. Stephen Allard,
Chico CA
5. Jason Solwold,
Mt. Vernon WA
6. Justin Henderson,
Sioux Falls SD
7. Tim Shaffer,
Aliquippa PA
Dean Jacobs, Wooster OH
9. Greg Wilson, Benton Ridge OH
10. Travis Rilat,
Forney TX;

A Scramble, 12 laps, No Time
Chad Kemenah, Findlay OH
2. Donny Schatz,
Fargo ND
3. Shane Stewart, Bixby OK
4. Kraig Kinser,
Bloomington IN
Brian Paulus, Mechanicsburg PA
6. Randy Hannagan, Pittsboro IN
7. Brooke Tatnell, San Souci, NSW, Aust.
8. Fred Rahmer, Salfordville PA
9. Danny Lasoski,
Dover MO
10. Billy Alley,
Lincoln NE