...David Grainger of Meridian, Idaho writes in to let us know that he misses the sprint car action at Calistoga Speedway. "I have spent a few Summer eves at the Calistoga Track. 32 years in Santa Rosa". He further notes that Stan Vermeil is still building motors in Santa Rosa, while Dick is coaching in the NFL. The late, Louis Vermeil is regeraded in Northern California as the 'Father of sprint car racing'.

Calistoga Speedway Images Old and New

Date of above photo is unknown. #15 is Jack Flaherty, #10 Don Rossi, #12 Chic Lastiri?, #7 Pacheteau?, #55 ??. The car on the left in the pits is Steve Lathleens car, the driver was Jim Bloberger. (Photo from the collection of Dolan Lannan)

Steve Kent won the 2001 Calistoga Speedway Scarborough Trophy, named after the late, Jim Scarborough who was killed in a crash at the track. The trophy was awarded to Kent in May 2002.

Danny Lasoski won the Harvest Classic in 2000 for Dennis and Theresa Roth (M&M Photos)

Thanks to Al Weiss, ...info on racing at Calistoga Speedway in the early 1970's.

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