McCarl off to hot start in `06 – wins East Bay Winter Nationals, takes RRS points lead – By Jean Lynch. …TAMPA, FL…..2/4/06…..”I’m used to racing with “Outlaws”, and you never show your nose until you can get a run on the guy,” said a pumped up Terry McCarl explaining his winning inside move in turn three on race-long leader Chad Kemenah with seven laps to go.

The win was worth $10,000 in the 40-lap finale of the 30th Annual Sprint Car Winternationals at
East Bay Raceway Park, Saturday night. In addition, McCarl received the Fast Lane Apparrel bonus of $5,000 for winning two (360’s and 410) of the three sprint car series features.

“My car tightened up and I used that yellow to make cockpit adjustments. After that I searched and searched the track for the fast lane,” said a dripping wet McCarl. The victory lane celebration included track owners Al Varnadore and
Todd Hutto throwing him into the newly created lake in the infield that developed as a result of Friday’s record rainfall. McCarl evened the score by taking both owners with him for the dunk.

“I can’t believe we raced tonight after all that rain yesterday, the track crew did a great job and there were three grooves tonight,” said the
Altoona, Iowa driver of the No. 24 Big Game Tree Stands, Clean-O.com, Bosma Poultry and AmeriCash Advance.com sponsored car. He had started his Wesmar powered Eagle outside pole-sitter Kemenah and ran second most of the race. Not losing his focus when third place Danny Lasoski passed him briefly during lap 12, McCarl got his “elbows up” and regained second spot.

Kemenah had to settle for second in his own UUI Underground Utilities sponsored No. 15K. He admitted, “We made lots of changes through the night and finally went back to scratch on the set up. I just got a little loose at the end.” His Eagle was powered by a Kistler engine with PRO shocks and rode on Hoosiers. He credited his crew
Brian, AJ and Shane with a good job tonight.

Lasoski started his Dennis and Teresa Roth Motorsports Eagle Chassis/Kistler powered No. 83 third and ended up there despite losing air in his tire. It was a break for him that there was only one yellow flag caused after two laps when Travis Rilat lost power on the back stretch.

Using Weld wheels for the first time in 15 years, Al Hamilton’s No. 77 driven by Greg Hodnett came from tenth starting spot to fourth. His J&J chassis with new crew chief Tim Elwell, carried a Don Ott engine and rode on Hoosier tires and VRP shocks and was sponsored by Wirtgen and York Excavating.

Starting and finishing fifth was Jason Sides whose new Maxim was powered by an Ott engine. Although Jason is an owner/operator of the No. 7s, he had help from Wade Oliver and Rickie Boyer. Sponsors included WTS Wetherington Tractor Service, Classy Lady Farms and FSR Racing Products.

Rounding out the top ten were Craig Dollansky up from 13th to sixth, Lance Dewease, Freddie Rahmer, Jason Solwold and fast timer, Shane Stewart. Heats went to Solwold, Wayne Johnson,Greg Wilson and Rahmer. Advancing from the B-Main it was Gary Wright, Stewart, Brock Mayes and Jesse Giannetto. Kaley Gharst finished fifth and replaced Tony Bruce, Jr. who scratch from the A-Main. The Keith Bradley Memorial/Gulf Coast Produce Strawberry Dash winner was Ed Lynch, Jr.


Qualifying Results:

1. 26 Shane Stewart – 12.207; 2. 6 Bob Felmlee – 12.216; 3. 7S Jason Sides – 12.229; 4. 71M Paul May – 12.291; 5. 83 Danny Lasoski – 12.302; 6. 11B Brock Mays – 12.313; 7. 9 Gary Wright – 12.318; 8. 81 Nick Smith – 12.331; 9. 24 Terry McCarl – 12.413; 10. 15K
Chad Kemenah – 12.426; 11. 77 Greg Hodnett – 12.442; 12. 22 Fred Rahmer – 12.456; 13. 00 James Nier – 12.461; 14. 29 Travis Rilat – 12.500; 15. 7 Craig Dollansky – 12.506; 16. 3B Scott Bonnell – 12.511; 17. 00M Danny Martin – 12.523; 18. 25 Lance Dewease – 12.525; 19. 55 Kerry Madsen – 12.536; 20. 18 Tony Bruce, Jr. – 12.556; 21. R19 Jason Solwold – 12.592; 22. 94S Wayne Johnson – 12.594; 23. W20 Greg Wilson – 12.600; 24. 4M Mike Chadd – 12.624; 25. 92 Jeff Shepard – 12.646; 26. D1 Jesse Giannetto – 12.713; 27. 2L Ed Lynch – 12.741; 28. 44G Kaley Gharst – 12.850; 29. 66 Ryan Bunton – 13.059; 30. 44J Abe Sherwood – 13.086; 31. 47J Jeff Busby – 13.441; 32. 69X Mark Cole – 13.580; 33. 4G Spud Gustin – 13.598; 34. 56R Ryan Myers – 13.631; 35. 33 Brent Matus – 14.063; 36. 33M Joe Butera – 15.128; 37. 72J Johnny Johnson – 15.582; 38. 51 John Sauermilch, Jr. – 15.749; 39. 38 Jacob Slotten – 16.659; 40. 21X Dickie Gaines – N/T

1st Heat – 1)Jason Solwold 2)Danny Lasoski 3)Danny Martin, Jr. 4)Terry McCarl 5)Jeff Shepard 6)Ryan Bunton 7)Spud Gustin 8)Johnny Johnson 9)James Nier – Did not cross scales 10)Shane Stewart – Did not cross scales

2nd Heat – 1)Wayne Johnson 2)Lance Dewease 3)Chad Kemenah 4)Travis Rilat 5)Bob Felmlee 6)Brock Mays 7)Jesse Giannetto 8)Abe Sherwood 9)Ryan Myers 10)John Sauermilch, Jr.

3rd Heat – 1)Greg Wilson 2)Craig Dollansky 3)Greg Hodnett 4)Jason Sides 5)Kerry Madsen 6)Ed Lynch, Jr. 7)Gary Wright 8)Jeff Busby 9)Brent Matus 10)Jacob Slotten

4th Heat – 1)Fred Rahmer 2)Tony Bruce, Jr. 3)Mike Chadd 4)Paul May 5)Scott Bonnell 6)Kaley Gharst 7)Mark Cole 8)Joe Butera 9)Nick Smith 10)Dickie Gaines DNS

B – Main – 1)Gary Wright 2)Shane Stewart 3)Brock Mayes 4)Jesse Giannetto 5)Tony Bruce, Jr. (scratched from A Main) 6)Ed Lynch, Jr. 7)Jim Nier 8)Abe Sherwood 9)Ryan Bunton 10)Jeff Busby 11)Spud Gustin 12)Ryan Myers 13)Mark Cole 14)Brent Matus 15)John Sauermilch, Jr. 16)Joe Butera 17)Johnny Johnson 18)Jacob Slotten 19)Nick Smith DNS 20)Dickie Gaines DNS

A – Main (40 Laps-$10,000 to win) – 1)Terry McCarl – (Earned Fast Lane Apparel $5,000 Bonus for winning 2 of 3 Sprint Car Series 40 Lap Features) 2)Chad Kemenah 3)Danny Lasoski 4)Greg Hodnett 5)Jason Sides 6)Craig Dollansky 7)Lance Dewease 8)Fred Rahmer 9)Jason Solwold 10)Shane Stewart 11)Jeff Shepard 12)Gary Wright 13)Wayne Johnson 14)Bob Felmlee 15)Greg Wilson 16)Paul May 17)Jesse Giannetto 18)Kaley Gharst 19)Danny Martin, Jr. 20)Mike Chadd 21)Brock Mayes 22)Scott Bonnell 23)Kerry Madsen 24)Travis Rilat


2006 RRS points