Haulmark All Star Sprint Results - St. Francois Co. Raceway - Sat. 7/23/05 By Scott Hall FARMINGTON, MO - Randy Hannagan knew he was going to have a good night on Saturday. In a pre-race interview he told All Star Announcer Rob Klepper "I'll talk to you later on the front stretch in victory lane." Hannagan kept his promise and scored his first win of the season at St. Francois Co. Raceway in wire-to-wire fashion, leading all 40 laps of the Haulmark All Star sprint car feature. "The car was really good all night. I really have to thank Gaerte Engines. This was an experimental motor from Gaerte and it was good all night," Hannagan recalled. "I really have to thank my brother and the whole crew. We raced at Knoxville last night and were second in points and decided to come here and race with the All Stars and it worked out."

Hannagan's brother Terry owns the feature winning Hurricane Chassis. A bit of luck put Hannagan on the pole for the start of the main when Danny Smith and Kelly Kinser failed to transfer through their heat races and were forced to run the B Main. Hannagan drove to the top of the track in turn one around fellow front row mate Bryan Matthews and set sail right into victory lane. Third starter Paul May took over second from Matthews on the second circuit and began his pursuit of Hannagan. Following a lap five caution the order up front was Hannagan, May, Matthews, Dale Blaney, Chad Kemenah, Smith, Joey Montgomery, Kinser, Jeremy Campbell and Terry Babb.

Blaney moved to the top groove as he noticed Hannagan's success up there and began pressuring May for second. But Hannagan had the right setup for the tricky oval and began stretching his lead. Following another caution period, Hannagan again stretched his lead, but once in lapped traffic, May pulled right back on the Hurricane's back bumper. On lap 24 May passed Hannagan using lapped cars on the bottom of the track. Hannagan was lucky as the yellow came out for Nathan Higgins who spun right in front of leaders, nearly taking out the top three. Hannagan's near miss enabled him to take back the top spot for the restart. May was still second ahead of Blaney and Matthews.

With rubber down on the racetrack surface, Hannagan on the restart went right to bottom of the track and stayed there the rest of the way. Blaney used the bottom groove and passed May for second, but could not catch the leader and the lead pack ran in freight train style. Blaney made a few runs but Hannagan was too good off the bottom of turn two and pulled away to win by two car lengths over Blaney's George Fisher No. 2x. May ended up third ahead of points leader Kemenah, Matthews, Smith, tenth starter Campbell, 14th starting Jerrod Hull and Tim Montgomery. Montgomery was the Fisher Performance Hard Charger of the race after starting 22nd. He had worked his way into the top ten by lap 12 and ran a smooth race to end up ninth.

The Crown Battery heat fell to Robbie Standridge, the B&B Products heat went to Jimmy Hurley, the Engler Machine and Tool heat was won by Tim Montgomery and the TP Wings heat fell to Tommy Worley, Jr. The University of Northwestern Ohio B Main was won by Danny Smith and Blaney captured the Haulmark Dash. Joey Montgomery was the Huggins Cams Fast Time qualifier.

Huggins Cams Time Trials: 1. Joey Montgomery, 11.44; 2. Kelly Kinser, 11.54; 3. Danny Smith, 11.57; 4. Chad Kemenah, 11.75; 5. Dale Blaney, 11.75; 6. Paul May, 11.81; 7. Bryan Matthews, 11.81; 8. Randy Hannagan, 11.84; 9. Terry Babb, 11.87; 10. Jeremy Campbell, 11.87; 11. Jason Keith, 11.91; 12. Steve Short, 11.94; 13. Cody Geldart, 11.97; 14. Jerrod Hull, 12.03; 15. Bob Bennett, 12.10; 16. Greg Burns, 12.19; 17. Robbie Standridge, 12.19; 18. Jimmy Hurley, 12.22; 19. Brock Mayes, 12.22; 20. AJ Bruns, 12.25; 21. Nathan Higgins, 12.28; 22. Bob Thoman, 12.34; 23. Tim Montgomery, 12.35; 24. Tommy Worley Jr., 12.44; 25. Danny Long, 12.47; 26. Adam Jones, 12.53; 27. Kent Buckley, 12.57; 28. Timmy Moss, 12.59; 29. Tyler Thompson, 12.72; 30. Curtis Boyer, 12.72; 31. Daniel Adler, 12.78; 32. Eddie Lynch, 12.81; 33. Tubby Black, 13.28; 34. Doc Sloan, 13.50; 35. Keith Burch, no time.

Crown Battery Heat (8 laps): Standridge, Babb, Geldart, Blaney, J. Montgomery, Higgins, Long, Thompson, Black

B&B Heat (8 laps): Hurley, Thoman, Hull, Campbell, May, Kinser, Sloan, Jones, Boyer

Engler Heat (8 laps): T. Montgomery, Mayes, Matthews, Bennett, Adler, Buckley, Smith, Keith, Burch (dns)

TP Wings Heat (8 laps): Worley Jr., Bruns, Kemenah, Short, Hannagan, Moss, Burns, Lynch

Haulmark Dash 4 laps: 1-Dale Blaney 2-Chad Kemenah 3-Randy Hannagan 4-Jeremy Campbell 5-Cody Geldart 6-Paul May

UNO B Main 12 laps: 1-Danny Smith 2-Jason Keith 3-Kelly Kinser 4- Nathan Higgins 5-Timmy Moss 6-Adam Jones 7-Curtis Boyer 8-Kent Buckley 9-Tyler Thompson 10-Danny Long 11-Greg Burns 12-Keith Burch 13-Doc Sloan 14-Tubby Black 15-Eddie Lynch

A Main 40 laps: 1-Randy Hannagan 2-Dale Blaney 3-Paul May 4-Chad Kemenah 5-Bryan Matthews 6-Danny Smith 7-Jeremy Campbell 8-Jerrod Hull 9-Tim Montgomery 10-Steve Short 11-Daniel Adler 12-Tommy Worley Jr. 13-Brock Mayes 14-Jimmy Hurley 15-Robbie Standridge 16-Bob Thoman 17-Cody Geldart 18-Nathan Higgins 19-Terry Babb 20-Kelly Kinser 21-AJ Bruns 22-Joey Montgomery 23-Jason Keith 24-Bob Bennett

Lap Leaders: Randy Hannagan 1-40.

All Star Sprint Points: 1 Chad Kemenah 1813 2 Dale Blaney 1720 3 Danny Smith 1698 4 Randy Hannagan 1586 5 Greg Wilson 1519 6 Jeremy Campbell 1502 7 Brock Mayes 1467 8 Paul May 1350 9 Cody Geldart 1324 10 Mike Lutz 1276


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