Brooke Tatnell Heads Home To Help Father Battle Cancer


Wilmot, WISept. 22, 2006 — By Chris Dolack, VP Public Relations


Everybody has a hero, somebody they look up to in life. For Brooke 

Tatnell, that person is his father, George, a legendary sprint car 

driver in Australia.


Having the best year of his career, Brooke battles with the other 

World of Outlaws competitors night after night, as his dad beams with 

pride while listening to the race broadcasts through the Internet. 

That is why this season is especially difficult for Brooke. George 

suffered a stroke in the spring, just as the World of Outlaws 

schedule was picking up steam. The news was tough for the Tatnells, 

but very difficult for Brooke as he was thousands of miles away 

struggling with whether or not he should return home. He continued to 

drive the Rush Racing machine on the Outlaws circuit because it’s 

what his dad wanted.


But now Brooke will climb out of the car this weekend and return to 

his native Australia for a few weeks to help his dad through the 

battle of his life. George recently was diagnosed with pancreatic 

cancer and begins treatment Wednesday. Brooke intends to see him 

through the fight.


“It’s time for me to be the man of the family,” said Brooke, whose 

mom and sisters still live in Australia and helped George recover 

from his stroke. “We have to keep our chins up and keep fighting 

along. We’ll get through these tough times, but it’s the biggest 

battle he’s going to fight.


“(Car owners) Tim Hanson and Bob Campbell have been unbelievably 

supportive and I can’t thank them enough.”


Brooke expects to be back in the car on the World of Outlaws circuit 

to compete Oct. 20 at Manzanita Speedway in Phoenix. In the meantime, 

Jason Johnson and Jeff Shepard will share the driving duties.


“It’s the toughest thing Brooke’s ever had to do,” Hanson said. 

“Every kid looks up to Superman and Brooke’s Superman is George. We 

felt it was most important for him to be with his family right now 

and we’re here to support him however we can.”