Random Thoughts

By Gary "Hammerdown" Costa

Hello race fans, I missed you! My computer decided to take a flip on me. Hell, I need to pony up a "rollover" fund for this son-of-a-gun! Well the Work-N-Woody is behind me, I got her in gear and I'm waving Art and Carol to help me get this article going in the right direction.

I want to talk about one of the races in I took in at Placerville a couple of weeks back. What a great show. Scott Russell picked up his first main event. He did a helluva job, hitting all his marks, and holding off the always determined Greg DeCaires. In the pits after the race I was showing my fiancÚ how "free" the car was by shaking the wing. Well, this idiot knocked Scott's winning trophy off the car. Have another one Gary.

Bill Foland drove a winged Sprint Car at Chico the night before, headed to Placerville, and preceded to put on a show in the adjoining Sprint 100 class. BF spun, started at the back, and then made some sweet moves to garner a solid finish. Hell, what do you expect, he is the son of the legendary Burt Foland.

Kerry McCulloch drove a great race and won the deal. Son Nick was on the move, but a mishap put him on his lid, I don't think we will hear the last of him. The kid has talent.

For you fans that have never been to Placerville I encourage you to check it out. Not only do you see a very well ran program, but you get to hear one of the best announcers in the biz, Bill Sullivan.

I was joined by my Southern California traveling partner Lance Jennings, who was gracious enough to grace Northern California with his presence. He was very impressed to say the least, and is already talking about hitting Placerville again, real soon.

On another note, if you think 360s are slow, I encourage you to go sit down in the bleachers where they are ripping out of 4. Intense baby!

Gold Cup time! I can't wait. With the Civil War's finest Wednesday. Then Steve and the boys trying to take our money the following 3 days, well, you just know it's going to be a great show.

I will then head to Stockton 99 for the Midget show on Sunday. I will of course be pulling for the Mike Sala owned Midget. 5 days of racing? Oh yeah, I can do that!

I was really bummed out when I heard about Hanford. I absolutely love that joint. I hope things get going for next year, and I of course wish Dave the best in his future endeavors.

Interviews will be coming soon. I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm still here.

This article is dedicated to the late great Kevin Doty...............

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