Calistoga Speedway Career A-Main Wins (still partial as we accumulate historical data)

Help us fill in the blanks. We need the winners & dates for all A-Mains in the 1965 season. Racing started at Calistoga in 1937. If you have Calistoga Speedway historical information - we want to know about it. Contact us at...
Driver, Number of feature wins Car Owner, Number of feature wins.
1. LeRoy Van Conett - 31 1. Roth Motorsports - 15
2. Brent Kaeding - 21

2. Clyde Lamar - 13

3. Chuck Gurney - 17

3. Vergil Owen - 12

4. Tim Green - 11 4. Walter T. Ross - 11
4. Johnny Anderson - 11 5. Bob Miller - 10
4. Steve Kent - 11 5. Bailey Bros. - 10
7. Steve Kinser - 10 7. Quentin Bammer - 9
7. Danny Lasoski - 10

7. Roger Henderson - 9

7. Gary Patterson - 10 7. Karl Kinser - 9
7. Mike Andreetta - 10 7. Bob Nielsen - 9
11. Rico Abreu - 9 11. Ted Hunting - 8
11. Phil Pedlar - 9 11. Mike Andreetta - 8
13. Jimmy Boyd - 8

11. Keith Kunz - 8

13. Billy Anderson - 8 14. Kenny Woodruff - 7
13. Ronnie Day - 8 14. Brent Kaeding - 7
16. Lem Tolliver - 7

16. Rod Tiner - 6

16. Sammy Swindell - 7 16. Tony Stewart Racing - 6
16. Dave Bradway Jr. - 7 16. Chris Zootis - 6

16. Tim Kaeding - 7

19. Bob Consani - 5

16. Rick Horton - 7

19. Ray Smith - 5

21. Ron Horton - 6

19. DuWayne Starr - 5
21. Jac Haudenschild - 6 19. Swindell Motorsports - 5
21. Darrell Hanestad - 6

19. Lyle McCray - 5

24. Lealand McSpadden 5 19. Lovell Bros. - 5
24. Jimmy Sills - 5 19. Keith Ford Racing - 5
24. Hank Butcher - 5

26. Ed Watson - 4

27. Paul McMahan - 4 26. Brandy & Glaspey - 4
27. Randy Tiner - 4

26. Don Snow - 4

27. Bobby McMahan - 4 26. John R. Lawson - 4
27. Ryan Bernal - 4 26. Weldon Offill - 4
31. Kyle Hirst - 3 26. Abreu Vineyards - 4
31. Donny Schatz - 3 32. Mike Phulps - 4
31. Damion Gardner - 3 32. Kasey Kahne Racing - 3
31. Jason Statler - 3 32. Forsberg Racing - 3
31. Kevin Pylant - 3 32. Pylant Racing - 3
31. Bud Kaeding - 3 32. Morrie Williams - 3
  32. Statler Racing - 3



Date Sanction Winning Driver Team Notes:
1960 NARC NARC is formed. Al Frager is the promoter. NARC's first champion was Fred Hunt.
07/04/64 NARC   Jim Scarborough - killed in crash.
07/02/66 NARC Steve Kennick Forsythe #26 Sherman Cleveland killed in qualifying in turn one. "The Shy One", as he was known, arrived late and did not run hot laps. ...Steve Kennick from CRA won with Norm Paul second over Johnny Anderson, Wally Talbot and Bill Sullivan.
07/03/66 NARC Steve Kennick (2) Forsythe #26 (2) Dave Reidenour - killed. Reidenour was a road racer who was killed in his very first sprint car race at Calistoga Speedway, the day after his 33rd birthday. He was drving for Herk Viglienzone and had no experience of driving a sprint car on dirt. No other cars were involved in the accident. ...Bill Sullivan second over Norm Paul and Johnny Anderson.
07/01/67 NARC Norm Paul The 1967 season at Calistoga is the first joint venture between the Napa County Fair Association and NARC. You must wear white pants in the pits, and no women are allowed in the pits unless with timing and scoring. ...Norm Paul beat Bob McLees, Bob Twitty, Johnny Anderson and Bill Hofeldt.
07/02/67 NARC Bob McLees Rest of top five was ...Jimmy Boyd, Bill Hofeldt, Norm Paul and Bob Twitty.
05/19/68 NARC Johnny Anderson Anderson #3x Anderson won the main event over DeWayne Woodward, Leroy Van Conett, Jim Rogers and Bill McCormick.
07/06/68 NARC Bill Gadda Sullivan #98x Gadda beat Phil Pedlar, Gary Patterson, Dick Zimmerman and Jess Purcell. The #98x driven by Gadda was a Walt Reiff car that Gadda had owned at one time.
07/07/68 NARC Bill Gadda (2) Golden #1 Gadda had to switch to another car but he still won with Norm Paul second. The race was a make up for July 5th, when the lights went out.
09/01/68 NARC Dave Logan Fred Mahoney #2 Logan won with Bob DeJong second over Hank Butcher, Jan Opperman and Mike McCreary.
05/04/69 NARC Jimmy Oskie Oskie #3x Fast time during this period was a low 25 second lap for the half-mile. ...Bob DeJong led the feature before an accident took him out. ...Jerry Graham finished fourth in the Semi.
06/14/69 NARC Johnny Anderson (2) Anderson #2 (2) Dave Logan suffered a heart attack during the main event - he later died. ...Ray Miscevich went to the hospital after a wild end over end flip. He stayed in the "crash house" for a few days, and then returned home.
06/21/69 NARC LeRoy Van Conett Bob Silva was the starter, and Henry Mathis was timer/scorer.
06/29/69 NARC Cliff Sealock Announcers were George Kovacevic, and Dick Wallace.
07/04/69 NARC LeRoy Van Conett (2) McCray #3n No cage on the #3n. ...The car was built in 1964 by Walt Rieff of Sacramento, CA. Bert Miller won the semi-main.
07/05/69 NARC LeRoy Van Conett (3) McCray #3n (2) Bert Miller killed in main event crash.
07/18/69 NARC Gary Ponzini Ponzini Chevy #85 Jim Peacock made three main events at Calistoga in 1969 but did not finish any of them.
08/02/69 NARC LeRoy Van Conett (4) McCray #3n (3) Joe McGee takes a rock to the eye, and is injured.
08/31/69 NARC Phil Pedlar Nachreiner & Malliot Chevy #33 The McCray #3n was "wrecked and seriously damaged", according to the 1969 NARC Yearbook. ...Rich Gentes was 1969 Most Improved Driver. ...Dave Bowling was named Rookie of the Year.
05/03/70 NARC LeRoy Van Conett (5) McCray #1 (4) Day show attracted 21 cars. Jim Klemovich set fast time with 24.53 clocking for the half-mile. ...Gary Ponzini was runner-up.
06/06/70 NARC LeRoy Van Conett (6) McCray #1 (5) Leroy had quick time, 23.60. ...25 cars. Billy Anderson was second in the Andy Anderson #98. Jim Boyd finished third. ...Lou Jacquet won the dash, but got the #9 sprinter into the 2nd turn wall in the main event.
07/03/70 NARC Billy Anderson Andy Anderson #98 (3) Maybe the finest field of sprint cars to ever assemble in Northern California. 40 cars! ...From L.A., Bruce Bromme brought out his #12 Offy with Don Hawley in the seat. ...Jimmy Boyd set quick time in the Jerry Pittman #98x. ...A big party was held after the races at Lou Vermeil's place.
07/04/70 NARC Nick Porter Bill Van Pol Chevy # 21 Nick Porter, "The Northern Star from Redding", had his finest moment. Harold Simmons was seriously injured in time-trials after flipping.
08/08/70 NARC Lem Tolliver Tolliver #97 Former Steve Kennick car. Tolliver was his own mechanic. ...George Rogge barrel-rolled seven times in turn three. Tom Gomez went through the second turn wall and flipped. ...Ken Firnekas went end for end into the 3rd turn wall. ...Cliff Sealock established a New Track Record of 22.82. Walt Rieff won the very exciting semi. ...Don Melvin was second, and Jim Klemovich ran third in the feature.
09/06/70 NARC Duane Bonini The race was billed as the Scarborough Memorial. ...Bonini's first sprint car race. He was clocked at 108 mph on the backchute. ...Bob Zieske got upside down on this night in the Floyd Magnus Plymouth. ...
05/02/71 NARC Lem Tolliver (2) Day show. The season opener was always a day race.
06/05/71 NARC Duane Bonini (2) Night race.
07/03/71 NARC Duane Bonini (3)  
07/04/71 NARC Gary Patterson Don Snow #15 The Great GP's first Calistoga win came in Don Snow's black Edmunds #15.
08/14/71 NARC Billy Anderson (2)
09/04/71 NARC Jimmy Boyd Duane Bonini SR., the NARC points leader was tragically killed in a crash leaving behind his three year-old son, Duane JR.
09/05/71 NARC Lem Tolliver (3)
05/21/72 NARC Mike McCreary Warren Dorathy # 5
06/10/72 NARC Billy Anderson (3) Bryn K. Siler # 14 23 cars.
07/01/72 NARC Cliff Sealock (2) Nachreiner # 33 (2)
07/02/72 NARC LeRoy Van Conett (7) Ted Hunting #5
08/12/72 NARC Billy Anderson (4) Siler #14
09/02/72 NARC Rick Horton Jim Hearn #31 36 cars.
09/03/72 NARC Billy Anderson (5) Siler #14 (2) Hank Hanestad wrenched the winning car.
05/26/73 NARC Lem Tolliver (4) Tolliver posts a clean sweep! Quick-time, Dash, heat, and Feature win.
05/27/73 NARC Phil Pedlar (2) Nachriener #33 (3) Lem Tolliver track record 22.649. ... Mike Avilla owns all the 1973 National Speed Sport News'. He says this is wwhat was written about this night of racing. ..."Phil Pedlar, driving the Nachreiner sprint car, won the 25 lap Northern Auto Racing Club feature at the fairgrounds here May 27. Jim Peacock finished second followed by Mike McCreary, Ric Horton, Rich Gentes, Pete May, Bob Thomas, Lem Tolliver. Don Snow and George Rogge. Heat winners were Gil Richardson, Rogge, Mike Andretta and Jerry Cecil. Andretta also won the semi. In qualifying, Tolliver set a new track record of 22.649 seconds on the half mile clay. Peacock won the Dash. Rich Govan escaped injury when he tangled with Johnny Tiner in the second heat and fllipped."
06/09/73 NARC Rick Horton (2) George Cropp was the President of the Napa County Fair Association.
06/30/73 NARC Billy Anderson (6) Announcers in 1973 were Don Shewman, and Jack Clayton.
07/01/73 NARC Ken Gandy Timers and scorers were Pat and Tom Morrow, and Roland Harper.
07/21/73 NARC Lem Tolliver (5)
08/12/73 NARC Phil Pedlar (3) Johnny Anderson was second and Rich Gentes was third.
09/01/73 NARC Phil Pedlar (4)
09/02/73 NARC Phil Pedlar (5) Pedlar is first known driver to score three wins in a row at Calistoga.
05/05/74 NARC Ron Horton Jim Hearn #2 (2) Attendance estimated at 3,000 for the `74 season opener. ...A warm Spring Sunday with a dry-slick racetrack. ...Bill McCormick put the Mike Farms sprinter into the wall in qualifying. ...Rookie driver Don Snow won the fast heat. ...B-main winner, Johnny Anderson made a spectacular drive from his 16th starting spot to capture the lead on the 9th lap of the Feature. Don Meyer of Calistoga was running sixth on lap 21 of 25 when he flipped wildly down the front chute. In the melee, the fire truck made contact with Johnny Anderson's #98, and knocked the leader out of the race! ...Phil Pedler inherited the top spot, only to spin into the infield on the white flag lap, giving the win to Ron Horton.
05/25/74 NARC Rick Horton (3) Jim Hearn #2 (3) A tragic night. Starter Mel Fernandes was struck by a car. Fernandes died from the injuries. He had been the assistant starter at Indianapolis 500. He preferred to flag from the track where he felt he had better control of the race. The 1974 NARC yearbook says that, "Fernandes had often brought fans to their feet with his hairbreadth escapes, but on May 25th, he did not get out of the way in time." ...37 cars. Lem Tolliver had quick-time 23.150 in Warren Dorathy's Leffler-built #97. ...A car #67 flipped over the fence on turn one.
05/26/74 NARC Jim Peacock Yanker Chevy ...Every competitor lined up on the front chute to pay respect to fallen starter, Mel Fernandes. ...Nebraska driver Roger Abbott spent the first part of the 1972 season racing with NARC. He timed-in second quick behind Mike Andreetta. Purse: $2,510. ...Wayne Sue finished 6th, and spun in a cloud of steam after taking the checkered. ...The winner, Peacock was a Southern California invader. He took home over $300 for his win.
6/15/74 NARC Don Melvin Ray Smith #71 Don Melvin posted one of the most impressive Calistoga drivers ever when he stormed from 12th to the lead (win) of the semi-main, and then came from the back to win the Feature. The fans stood, and screamed as Melvin raced side-by-side to the Feature checkered with with Phil Pedlar. Melvin won by a scant margin. ...37 cars.
07/05/74 NARC LeRoy Van Conett (8) Ted Hunting #51 (2) Clean sweep for Leroy! He started 13th in the feature, and had the crowd on their feet with each pass in the feature. Van Conett made the winning move on lap 24 of 25. He had Fast time, won the dash, and his heat. ...Standing room only crowd of 4,000 watched 43 cars participate. ...Louis Bruce flipped hard in his debut. ...Wayne Sue also crashed down the front chute, flipping five or six times. Sue returned to his Super Modified the following night at West Capitol and won the main event. Purse: $3,227
7/06/74 NARC Rich Gentes Vermeil #65 It was the last feature race won by an Offenhauser engine. Offenhauser was once the king of power for sprints and midgets. Gentes was driving the "Vermeil Offy". # 65. He had the lead in the feature for a while until the much more powerful Chevy of Lem Tolliver passed him. Then with about 5 laps to go Lem had car trouble and dropped out. Gentes then took the win. ...The last sprint car Main Event won by an Offy in the United States? ...37 cars, quick-time to Van Conett, dash to Andreetta, Heats to Bob Bloom, Don Melvin, Phil Pedlar, and Tolliver. ...KNBR radio personality, Mike Clary handled the trackside microphone.
7/27/74 NARC LeRoy Van Conett (9) Ted Hunting #51 (3) LeRoy had quick time as well, as the feature win. ...Pedlar was in Walt Ross' #56 for the night. ...The Feature was described as one of the best of the 1974 season. ...The Hunting #51 was ten years old in the 1974 season. The car was built by Walt Rieff.
08/17/74 NARC LeRoy Van Conett (10) Ted Hunting #51 (4) "Perfect race track", prepared by George Hawkins. ...Billy Anderson broke the track record, turning the half-mile in 22.235 seconds. ...Mike Andreetta broke the dash record. ...32 cars. ...Bob Padgett destroyed Frank Allen's #74 with a vicious flip in turn one. ...LeRoy was on a roll, having won 3 of the last 4 `Stoga shows.
08/31/74 NARC Billy Anderson (7) Dick Bauer #88 Van Conett broke Billy Anderson's two-week old track record, and then Bud Riebhoff caught a first turn rut, and crashed violently. He spent the night at the hospital. ...Billy Anderson started 9th, and won his first feature of the 1974 season. Rick Horton came from 14th to 2nd, and Ken Gandy finished 3rd.
9/01/74 NARC Billy Anderson (8) Bauer #88 (2) Billy Anderson wins his 3rd Calistoga track championship. ...Anderson received $250 and a plaque. ...Mike Andreetta establishes a new track record, going 22.150 in Walt Ross' #56.
5/04/75 NARC LeRoy Van Conett (11) Hunting #2 (5) Day show marked the opening of the 1975 season. The Napa Register says, "A HUGE crowd of 3,500, and 41 cars turned out, despite threatening skies, and wind." ...Only two yellow flags. 11 of the 16 starters finished. Johnny Anderson finished second, and Rich Govan was third. ...Vel Rodgers won the 2nd heat from the last row. ...Dave Ellis took a checkered flag lap for Hayward car owner Hank Hanestad.
5/24/75 NARC LeRoy Van Conett (12) Hunting #2 (6) Record 49 cars in the pits. The first night race of the season. Little Dickie Rauser set fast time with a 22.868 aboard the Fred Kain built Amick owned #41. The "Roseville Rocket" Larry Burton picked up the dash win in his first ride in the Walt Ross #56. Jerry Belville, Pete May, Donnie Melvin, and LeRoy Van Conett took heat races. ...Vel Rodgers went for en ride in heat one. He was shaken, but walked away after the nasty series of rolls. A large car count resulted in two consy races, won by Tom Abreu and Jon Harris. Ron Horton won the semi-main, which was red flagged for a flip by John Sculatti under caution, after the front end broke. Leroy Van Conett took home the lions share of the $3000 purse, after a battle with Rich Gentes for several laps. Finishing third and fourth, were the Roger Henderson team cars of Rick Horton #51 and Rich Govan #6.
5/25/75 NARC Rick Horton (4) Henderson #5h Gary Patterson was the first car out to qualify in the Walt Ross #56. He sets track record 20.233. ...At the time the field was almost all Chevrolet, with a stray Ford, Offy, and Dodge. The Offy was owned by Stan Vermeil, and the Dodge was Chuck Ennis'. ...47 cars. ...Mike Andreetta drove the Vermeil Offy to a heat win, and semi-main win. ...CRA rookie driver, Billy Felts was there as well. ...The nonstop 25 lapper, won by Rick Horton, came after Lem Tolliver broke while leading on lap 19.
6/14/75 NARC Rich Govan Henderson #6 (2) Cars owned by Hunting, Ross, W. Anderson, and Bill Hill were DQ'd for being too loud in qualifying. First enforcement of muffler rule - a year after State mandate to quiet cars. ...First ever sprint car win for Govan.
7/4/75 NARC Gary Patterson (2) Ross #56 25 laps nonstop. Patterson set a track record - 9 minutes, 45.5 seconds. A sellout during the Napa County Fair. "GP" started 14th, and was leading on the 15th lap. ...Aussie Garry Rush was in Kenny Woodruff's #37. He drove from 12th to 3rd.
7/5/75 NARC LeRoy Van Conett (13) Hunting #2 (7) Garry Rush was 2nd, and Billy Anderson 3rd in a "sizzling show". The NARC yearbook called the feature, "The most exciting feature ever". The local paper described it as, "standing room only", and went on to call the main event, "one of the finest ever seen here". The show was sold-out. Purse was an all-time record $8,500
7/19/75 NARC LeRoy Van Conett (14) Hunting #2 (8) 40 year-old LeRoy Van Conett won convincingly on a bona-fide dry-slick race track. LeRoy staring inside the 7th row. The Anderson brothers, Billy and Johnny were second and third respectively. ...Only ten cars finished the race. LeRoy said in the Napa Register, "It was slippery and slow". ...Kiwi, Dave Jolley won the C-Main. ...Louie Vermeil estimated the attendance to be 2,500 and "good". ...Wendell Anderson Jr. made his Calistoga debut in the Anderson/Rose #98. ...LeRoy signed autographs for 30 minutes after the race, even as the lights were dimmed.
8/9/75 NARC Lem Tolliver (6) Champion Speed Shop #80 Special Napa County Championship race. ...Don Snow posted quick time. 40 cars. Rich Govan tangled with another car and flipped the Henderson #6 several times near the pit gate.
8/30/75 NARC Terry Crousore Crousore #47 Controversial race. Crousore punts Billy Anderson for the win. ...45 cars. Herb Pinckney bailed hard in qualifying in turn 4, almost into the "pond".
8/31/75 NARC Garry Rush Woodruff #3 Australian champion, Garry Rush won his first USA feature in the Kenny Woodruff owned, Trostle 4-bar car. ...Victor Mencarini posted quick time. ...Jimmy Sills flipped hard down the backchute with Terry Crousore. Sills went to the hospital but raced the following night at West Capital.
9/13/75 NARC Terry Crousore (2) Crousore #47 (2) 1st Calistoga Classic. The BIG RACE offered a guaranteed $6,000 purse, with $1,000 going to the 50-lap Classic winner. It attracted 45 cars, and actually paid $1,400 to win. ...Nasty double flip in the A-Dash, with Dick Rauser and Billy Anderson. Billy suffered a shattered wrist. The ugly crash was a career-ender for the popular Sacramento driver that was racing for Napa's Dick Bauer. ...Jimmy Sills was right behind the two flipping cars of Rauser and Anderson. ...Sills finished the main-event 2nd, with Gary Patterson 3rd, Garry Rush 4th, and LeRoy Van Conett 5th. ...Al Andrews wadded one up in turn one in qualifying. He flipped three times and went through the protective screen fence. He was only "shaken up", but they hauled him to the crash house anyway.
05/02/76 NARC Gary Patterson (3) Ross & Tierney #56 (2) ...Estimates are that Ross & Tierney have $15,000 invested in the winning #56. ...48 cars at the Season Opener, which was a day show. Start time was 1 PM. ...New grandstands add 600 new seats to the Speedway, increasing capacity to 2,900. ...Also "truck loads of fill were moved to raise the bleacher seating for improved spectator view". ...The result was a new all-time record crowd of 3,154 according to the Napa Register. The track was "slippery". ...Lanny Walker's Calistoga debut ended in hot-laps with a wicked gyration that tore off the tail & fuel cell on his #27.
05/29/76 NARC Gary Patterson (4) Walt Ross & Bill Tierney #56 (3) 22.082 Quick time - GP. ...For the 1976 season there were 87 registered NARC car-owners. 20 of those machines were brand new frames for the new season. The top five was GP, Johnny Anderson, LeRoy Van Conett, Jimmy Boyd, and Phil Pedlar.
05/30/76 NARC Mike Andreetta Andreetta #8 A weird night! First a brush and timber fire south of the track drew the attention of the fans. Then it started raining, but not long enough to put the race in jeopardy. Finally, the motor in Jerry Belleville's #84 blew-up, sending parts into the grandstand! Flying metal caused a skull fracture for Robyn Hawley of Sacramento. Two others were injured as well, with Nannie Teel of Healdsburg having to have surgery for mouth wounds. ...The semi-main took an hour to complete with six caution flags. ....51 cars. Jimmy Boyd fast time. 21.483. It is estimated that some owners have as much as $18,000 invested in one car! ...Andreetta took the lead on lap 17 of 25. He started in the fourth row.
06/19/76 NARC Johnny Anderson (3) Daphne/Don Snow #15 (2) Quick-time was 22.146 - LeRoy. ...Anderson started 13th and passed Jimmy Boyd on lap 22 of 25 for the win in Don Snow's Lloyd chassis #15. ...Lem Tolliver was too loud in qualifying and was told he was done for the night. ...Somehow Lem got on to the track during the main event, and then ignored repeated black flags. ...Also, the local paper, states that "Mike McCreary jumped from his car, picked up a dirt clod, and tossed it at a passing driver." ...Don Harper of Eureka won a special Rookie Race.
07/02/76 NARC Jimmy Boyd (2) Ed & Ken Woodruff #21 (2) #29 Duke Duponzi drove over the golf green in turn 4, went over two short fences, and landed in the pits in front of the front-chute grandstands. He narrowly missed the infield scoring and announcing tower, and sent crew guys scrambling. Car owner, Bruce Broussard was hit and taken away by ambulance. He was treated for a back injury and released. The Friday night race drew 2,200 fans. Jimmy Sills was second, and Gary Patterson finished 3rd.
07/03/76 NARC Jimmy Boyd (3) Ed & Ken Woodruff #21 (3) Quick Time - 21.875 - Mike 'The Rat' Andreetta. ...Les Blakeley In Bratton Ford #0 - big ride on backchute ...Another record crowd for the Saturday night race. Estimates of 3,750 paid to see Boyd start 17th and win the feature. Lap Leaders: Vel Rodgers 1-2, Don Melvin 3-8, Johnny Anderson 9-22, Jimmy Boyd 23-25. The stout top five was, 1. Boyd, 2. Anderson, 3. LeRoy Van Conett, 4. Gary Patterson, 5. Mike Andreetta.
07/17/76 NARC Johnny Anderson (4) Carville & Alves #45 Don Melvin blew up while leading. Quick time: 21.534 - Leroy. 38 cars.
08/14/76 NARC RAINED OUT - First rain-out since 1953.
09/04/76 NARC Jimmy Boyd (4) Ed & Ken Woodruff #21 (4) Quick time to Gary Patterson 21.833. 47 cars.
09/05/76 NARC Gary Patterson (5) Ross & Tierney #56 (4) 46 cars. 21.951 LeRoy
09/18/76 NARC Gary Patterson (6) Ross & Tierney #56 (5)

50 laps - Calistoga Classic. Quick-time:21.694 - Tolliver. ...A big story in the local paper tipped that the Bailey Bros. #01 cost about $20,000 complete with the tow rig, and extra tires, wheels, and parts. ...The 50 lap main-event paid $1,000 to win!

5/8/77 NARC Gary Patterson (7) Ross & Tierney #56 (6) Jimmy Boyd from 18th to 3rd, but GP won his 3rd straight, becoming the second driver to ever win 3 in a row at Calistoga.
5/28/77 NARC Johnny Anderson (5) Brandy & Glaspy #XX 62 Cars! All from Nor-Cal except Washington's Jerry Day. Herb Pinckney #91 took out a portion of backchute fence. Terry Crousore flipped hard after taking the white flag in the A-main. Race was called after 24 laps.
5/29/77 NARC Gary Patterson (8) Ross & Tierney #56 (7) 61 cars. Boyd sets a track record for 3-lap dash. ...Johnny Anderson finished 2nd to GP, who also had quick-time.
6/11/77 NARC Jimmy Boyd (5) Woodruff #21 (5) LeRoy Van Conett demolished the Bailey Bros. #01 after taking out a large part of the back-straight fence. Several tree branches came down as well.
7/2/77 NARC Phil Pedler (6) Ray Smith #17 (2) Dry-Slick - Severe drought in California. Races ended near midnight.
7/3/77 NARC Phil Pedler (7) Ray Smith #17 (3) Wayne Sue - Fast Time. Grandpa Phil goes back-to-back. ...Ken Urton was the starter during this period.
7/23/77 NARC Johnny Anderson (6) Don Snow #4 (3) Start of feature - big crash - Ken Buman in the Lamar #33, and Jerry Donaly in the Consani #4x flipped hard into turn one. Anderson won from row seven in Don Snow's Stapp chassis #4.
08/13/77 NARC Phil Pedler (8) Ray Smith #17 (4) Pat Hughes left the building in turn one in qualifying - leaving the Kornbrust #88 resting on a fencepost. ...Buman bends the cage in turn two on first lap of feature. Pedlar wins by inches over Van Conett.
09/3/77 NARC LeRoy Van Conett (15) Bailey Bros. #01 Rendy Boldrini (Carville & Alves #45) sets track record for semi-main - 12 laps in 4 mins., 32.28 seconds. Runs from 19th to 2nd in the feature.
09/4/77 NARC Johnny Anderson (7) Brandy & Glaspy #XX (2) 52 cars. Jimmy Boyd was the fastest qualifier. Joe Joldersma went through the wall in turn three in the C-main. ...Anderson went from ninth to second in two laps. Following the race, the Scarborough Trophy was awarded to LeRoy VanConett. It was LeRoy's 4th Calistoga track championship.
09/25/77 NARC Gary Patterson (9) Clyde LaMar #33 Calistoga Classic. Rick Ferkel set quick-time in his first ever visit to Calistoga. Augie Grube destroyed Mike Griffin's #50 with a high into the trees backchute flip.
05/7/78 NARC LeRoy Van Conett (16) Bailey Bros. #01 (2) Day show. Opening day for Calistoga's 1978 season drew 57 cars, and the "largest crowd ever". Van Conett won wire-to-wire.
05/27/78 NARC Ron Horton (2) Watson #78 Mike Sargent cleared the fence with arms flying out of the cage, in the Arnold Chaves #05. ...Mike Wasina SR. finished third.
05/28/78 NARC Phil Pedlar (9) Billy Yon - quick time in the Starr #18. Wayne Sue, in the Brandy-Glaspy #XX took a bad spill at the start of the fourth heat. ...Andreetta was second, Gary Patterson finished third.
06/10/78 NARC/WoO Rick Ferkel Daugherty #0 A World of outlaws points race, held on the same day as a World of Outlaws race at ASCOT Park. The 4 outlaws that showed were Rick Ferkel (the winner), Dub May, Bobby Allen (2nd), and Jack Hewitt (3rd). Top finishing local was Gary Ponzini (4th). Ferkel started 18th! He also set quick time.
07/1/78 NARC Jan Opperman McMillen #84 Johnny Pearson flipped the Neilson #23 on lap 3 of the feature. GP flipped the "Side-Bite" #33 in time trials. Mike Wasina, driving the Carville & Alves #45, flipped in the C-Main. Johnny Anderson passed Hank Butcher on the last lap for second. Anderson started 17th.
07/2/78 NARC Rick Horton (6) McAfee #82 Rick Horton jumped into the McAfee #82, after a problem with the Henderson #7. He started 4th and won over visiting CRA hero, Lee James in the Jim Watson car from Pasadena.
07/22/78 NARC Hank Butcher Brandy & Glaspy #XX (3) Nick Rescino set quick time, 3/10th's quicker than second fast, Mike Wasina. Aussie, Barry Lewis ended up in Intensive Care after a end of the front-chute crash that "horrified" onlookers.
08/12/78 NARC Hank Butcher (2) Starr #18 Nick Rescino, quick-time again (Yount #96x). Fantastic finish! Butcher lost the lead on the last lap to Boldrini coming off of two, but passed him back in three and then won a blanket finish over Boldrini and Tom Abreu.
09/02/78 NARC Johnny Anderson (8) Woodruff #21 (6) Anderson's first ride for Kenny Woodruff, after longtime, driver Jimmy Boyd and the #21 team split. Boyd was in the McMillen #84. ...A-main Top 3: Anderson, Van Conett, Opperman.
09/03/78 NARC Ron Horton (3) Watson & Wright #78 Arizona, ace, Lealand McSpadden flipped the Kornbrust #99 wildly into the turn one fence after a torsion arm stripped in the dash. RC Horton established a track record for the 25 main event. It lasted all of 9 minutes, and 36 seconds.
9/23/78 NARC/WoO Johnny Anderson (9) Woodruff #21 (7) 70 cars! Bob Padgett took the ride of his life in turn one, in the non-qualifiers race. Main event was 40 laps. ...Doug Wolfgang won the B-Main. Van Conett and the Bailey Brothers had just split - and LeRoy was in Duke McMillen's # 84.
05/06/79 NARC Jimmy Boyd (6) Kornburst #99  
05/13/79 NARC Jimmy Boyd (7) Kornburst #99 (2) Mike Andreetta had quick time of 22.497. Boyd won the feature followed by Andreetta, Jimmy Sills, Ron Horton, and Gary Ponzini. The purse was $5,013. 54 cars.
5/26/79 NARC Mike Andreetta (2) Andreetta #8 (2) Gary Patterson was the second car out in qualifying, and he ripped off a 21.145 for quick time. Mike Andreetta started to get into the groove at Stoga; qualifying fourth quick despite being the 49th of 50 cars to time trial. "The Rat" won the feature over Jimmy Sills, Rendy Boldrini, Jimmy Boyd, and Johnny Anderson. Anderson made a rare appearance in the Bailey Brothers #01. Andreetta pocketed $800 for the triumph.
05/27/79 NARC Lem Tolliver (7) Ross #56 (8) Jimmy Sills had quick time (21.536) in the Flammer #83. Fred Grant won the first heat. Gary Pnzini won heat two. Rick Horton took heat three in the McAfee #82. The fast heat was won by Hank Butcher in the Henderson #7. ...A rock poked a hole in the oil pan to knock LeRoy Van Conett out of competition in the Starr #18. ...Lem Tolliver started third and won his seventh and final Calistoga A-Main of his career.
06/09/79 NARC Mike Andreetta (3) Andreetta #8 (3) Sills was 2nd. Jimmy Boyd third.
07/07/79 NARC Mike Andreetta (4) Andreetta #8 (4) Andreetta was the fair-time winner over Rendy Boldrini.
07/08/79 NARC Mike Andreetta (5) Andreetta #8 (5) LeRoy VanConnett was second in the McCray #21n, and Jimmy Sills finished third in the Flammer #83.
07/28/79 NARC Mike Andreetta (6) Andreetta #8 (6) Jimmy Boyd finished second.
08/18/79 NARC Mike Andreetta (7) Andreetta #8 (7) "The Rat" is the first driver to ever win 4 A-mains in a row at Calistoga. ...The fast track saw Bill McCormick set a track record for 15 laps, at 5 minutes, 56.99 seconds.
09/01/79 NARC Mike Andreetta (8) Andreetta #8 (8) Andreetta's five race win streak at Calistoga is a All-time record. ...Russ Milbauer in Art Melzer's #61, sets a 4-lap track record of 1:39.32.
09/02/79 NARC LeRoy Van Conett (17) Joel McCray #21n Leroy was followed to the finish line by Rick Horton, Jimmy Boyd, Larry Landrith, and Hank Butcher.
09/22/79 NARC LeRoy Van Conett (18) Joel McCray #21n (2) Van Conett's win was worth $1,500 in the race billed as the Calistoga Classic. The McMillen family would be ranked much higher in wins if they listed themselves as car-owners. Instead they often listed their primary backers as the car-owners although they kept the cars at their Carmichael home shop. Duke McMillen was the wrench tuning this McCray #21n.
10/27/79 NARC/CRA Billy Yon Ray Smith #17 (5)

40 lap feature. 14.58.88 seconds. Nonstop. 63 Cars. Lloyd Beard killed in heat race crash in turn one and two. Died from severe head injuries.

05/04/80 NARC LeRoy Van Conett (19) Chris Zootis #6 Total purse was $6,031. The 1980 season started with Charlie Wolleson as the Napa County Fair Manager.
05/24/80 NARC Chuck Gurney Consani #42 Ron Horton destroys Brandy Glaspy #XX in wicked front chute crash. First ever Calistoga win for Chuck Gurney. Total purse $5,506.
05/25/80 NARC LeRoy Van Conett (20) Bailey Bros. #01 (3) Purse was $5,574. George Sowle was the starter during this period. ...Chief Steward was Lou Vermeil.
06/14/80 NARC Rendy Boldrini Boldrini #52 Jack Thompson of Santa Rosa killed. ...The win was the first for Boldrini, one of the most underrated non-wing pilots ever. He dominated, setting a track record in the process. The 30 lap feature took 11 minutes, and 20 seconds. Purse: $5,076
07/05/80 NARC LeRoy Van Conett (21) Zootis #6 (2) Purse $7,874. ...Elen Frediani was the scorer and timer in 1980.
07/06/80 NARC Lealand McSpadden Bailey Bros. #01 (4) The Tempe Tornado's first Calistoga win. Purse: $5,478.
07/26/80 NARC Johnny Anderson (10) DuWayne Starr #18 (2) Purse: $5,026. The Anderson/Starr teaming was fast from the start. They went on to win again at Calistoga, plus they won with a wing in the Gold Cup.
08/09/80 NARC Chuck Gurney (2) Consani #42 (2) Fast track. Jimmy Boyd sets a non-wing track record for 10 laps at 3:44.61. Boyd was in the Brandy & Glaspy XX. ...Big purse $8,871.
08/30/80 NARC Johnny Anderson (11) Starr #18 (3) Johnny's last win at Calistoga came in the Starr, Tognotti #18. He was critically injured the following month at Corona, CA.
08/31/80 NARC Lealand McSpadden (2) Bailey Bros. #01 (5) Larry Albedi was the voice of Calistoga Speedway in 1980. McSpadden's winning car was a Delu Chassis.
09/20/80 NARC LeRoy Van Conett (22) Bailey Bros. #01 (6) Calistoga Classic. 48 cars. This big race paid $1600 to win! Gary Patterson, in the Ross #56, established a quick-time effort of 21.278. ...LeRoy had engine problems in the Zootis #6, and with a tight battle for the Calistoga track championship on the line, he hopped in the black #01 and won the feature to edge Chuck Gurney for the coveted "Scarborough Trophy".
5/3/81 NARC Mike Andreetta (9) Watson #78 (2) "The Rat" beat out Gurney, Butcher, Sills, and Ron Horton.
5/23/81 NARC Chuck Gurney (3) Consani #1n (3) 39 cars. The top five was Gurney, Andreetta, Van Conett, Steve Scott (Frost #65), and Johnny Pearson. Alaska's Tim Gee won the second heat. Don Melvin, Jimmy Boyd, and Gary Howard were the other heat winners. Kevin Urton was in the Jack Gordon #1c and he qualified into the fast dash.
5/24/81 NARC Hank Butcher (3) Neilson #2 Chuck Gurney was the quick-timer in the Consani #1n. Heats were picked off by Don Hicks, Les Blakeley, Don Melvin, and Hank Butcher.
6/13/81 NARC Leroy Van Conett (23) Zootis #6 (3)
7/02/81 NARC Leroy Van Conett (24) Zootis #6 (4) Mark Wolleson died after suffering a heart attack in his car. ...Hank Butcher posted quick-time in the Bob Neilson #2. Heat winners were Roger Rager, Johnny Pearson, Rendy Boldrini, and Gary Howard. Van Conett earned $925 for his night's work.
7/03/81 NARC Leroy Van Conett (25) Zootis #6 (5) A healthy $9,200 purse for 1981! Van Conett totaled $1,430 in his 25th career win at the track he "owns". Rendy Boldrini, in the Ross #56 was the fastest qualifier. Heat winners were Mike Monahan, Earl Kelley, Rick Horton, and Lanny Walker. The top-five on this night was stout. 1. VanConett, 2. Hank Butcher, 3. Roger Rager, 4. Jimmy Boyd, 5. Tom Abreu.
08/15/81 NARC Leroy Van Conett (26) Zootis #6 (6) Hank Butcher finished second.
09/03/81 NARC Ron Horton (4)
09/04/81 NARC Rich Forsberg Forsberg #92 Owner/Driver Rich Forsberg won in Super Modifieds at West Capital Raceway, before moving to sprint cars after the popular West Sacramento, CA. track closed.
9/20/81 NARC Chuck Gurney (4) Consani #1n (4) Calistoga Classic. Biggest purse of the 1981 season according to "Catch Up With NARC" Yearbook. ...Jimmy Boyd, Jack Hewitt, Leroy VanConett, and Hank Butcher completed the top-five finishers.
05/02/82 NARC Mike Andreetta (10) Neilson #2 (2) 32 cars. Hank Butcher had quick-time in the DuWayne Starr #18. Mike McCreary, Jimmy Boyd, Bryan Bullard, and Andreetta won heats.
5/29/82 NARC Hank Butcher (4) Starr #18 (4) Butcher started 16th in the 20-car field. ...Dave Bradway Jr. posted quick-time at 21.236.
5/30/82 NARC Hank Butcher (5) Starr #18 (5) Gurney blistered the track for a quick-time of 21.195. ...Mike Sweeney from Southern California made the road trip to race at Calistoga on this night.
6/11/82 NARC Jimmy Boyd (8) Brandy-Glaspey XX (4) 1982 was an incredibly tough year of competition. California boasted many fast cars with world-class sprint car equipment. On this night, Boyd made $708 for his win over Hank Butcher (Starr #18), Mike Andreetta (Neilson #2), Rendy Boldrini (Larry Baker #99), LeRoy Van Conett (Zootis #1), and Dave Bradway Jr. (McAfee #82).
6/12/82 NARC Chuck Gurney (5) Lovell Bros. #71n Ron Horton had quick-time (20.813) in the Jack Gordon #1c. Heats fell to Wheeler Gresham, Jim Richardson, Gary patterson, and Gurney. ...Jimmy Boyd went out of the ballpark in turn three in hot laps.
7/02/82 NARC Chuck Gurney (6) Lovell Bros. #71n (2) Gurney bested Gary Patterson (in the Consani #1n), Hank Butcher, Rendy Boldrini, and Billy Yon. Patterson posted quick-time. Skip Melvin won the first heat in the Ray Smith #17. Dave Bradway Jr. won heat two (McAfee #82), Brent Kaeding won the third heat, and Gurney won the fourth heat. The purse paid was $5,339.
07/03/82 NARC Brent Kaeding Single # 69 First win at Stoga for "BK" paid $1,330. ...Dave Bradway Jr. suffered through a rough weekend. He flipped twice, the second time landing in the sewer pond just over the turn four fence. ...Patterson had quick-time (22.600) for the second night in a row in the Consani #1n. ...Heat winners were Skip Melvin, Mike Johnson, Gurney, and Ed Organ. ...Ron Horton, Hank Butcher, Jimmy Boyd, and Gary Patterson were second through fifth in the A-Main.
07/24/82 NARC Gary Patterson (10) Gordon #1c The last win for GP at Calistoga.
08/14/82 NARC Dave Bradway Jr. Murphy #5n First Calistoga win for Dave Bradway Jr. came in Mike Murphy's #5n. ...Dave's brother Jeff recalls of the car... "That was a pretty interesting car to me. It was originally owned by KW (Kenny Woodruff). It was one of those Ferkel designed Tognotti cars. Woodruff sent the car to (Bob) Trostle and he cut the front and back of it off and changed all the bar heights. KW ran the car most of year ('78 or '79) I think? ...and then Rich Taylor bought it to run for awhile. Murphy got it from him and ran it in '82 until Dave started driving it in July. The car was later sold to Larry Perry who was a good friend of Dave and myself. I used to wrench on the car when Larry drove it for Friday night shows at Chico."
09/04/82 NARC Rendy Boldrini (2) Ross #56 (9) Boldrini set a 3-lap track record in the Trophy Dash of 1:02.93
09/05/82 NARC Brent Kaeding (2) Single #69 (2) Track is fast! ...Chuck Gurney set a 6 lap track record, driving the Lovell Bros. #71n. His time for the 3 miles, without a wing was 2:08.20
09/11/82 NARC Johnny Pearson McCarthy & Guiducci #57 Race was billed as the Louie Vermeil Calistoga Classic. It paid Pearson $2,159.00. Brent Kaeding was second, and Jimmy Boyd finished third. LeRoy VanConett was fourth, and Hank Butcher finished fifth.
5/08/83 NARC Rendy Boldrini (3) Ross #56 (10) The 1983 season started with Boldrini getting the non-wing win.
05/28/83 NARC Chuck Gurney (7) Bammer #11n Jackie Whitson finished second. 38 cars. Heats fell to Whitson, Greg Petersen, Richard Forsberg, and Bryan Bullard.
05/29/83 NARC Chuck Gurney (8) Bammer #11n (2) Gary Patterson was killed in a wicked front chute flip - driving the Jack Gordon #1c. 39 cars. Earlier in the night, Patterson won the second heat and transfered through the semi-main. ...Luie Albedi finished 6th in the A-Main. ...Rendy Boldrini had quick-time in the Ross #56.
6/11/83 NARC Rick Horton (6) J.C Racing #8 Johnny Pearson ran second to Rick Horton. Jackie Whitson was third.
7/2/83 NARC Rick Horton (7) J.C. Racing #8 (2) Only 28 cars. ...Boldrini had quick-time in the Walt Ross #56. Gurney won the dash in the Moeller Bros. #11. Heat winners were, Scott Murray, Dean Nelson, Mike Monahan, and Rick Horton.
7/3/83 NARC Chuck Gurney (9) Bammer #11n (3) Only 22 cars. Gurney took home a large payday of $1,554. He also had quick-time. Jackie Whitson won the first heat in the Lamar-Walker # 3. Darrell Hanestad, and Rick Horton won the other two heats. ...Rick Hirst was driving the Ron McMahan #25
7/23/83 NARC Chuck Gurney (10) Bammer #11n (4) The Rim Rider was first to the checkered flag ahead of Ron Horton in Jack McAfee's #82. Rick Horton was third.
8/13/83 NARC LeRoy Van Conett (27) Neilson #2 (3) LeRoy won with Chuck Gurney second. Rendy Boldrini in the Ross #56 was third.
09/03/83 NARC Chuck Gurney (11) Bammer #11n (5) Mike Andreetta was second in the Jack Gordon #1c. ...Mike Monahan had a great night, running fourth in the feature.
  NARC Jimmy Sills Bailey Bros. #01 (7)
09/04/83 NARC Ron Horton (5) McAfee #82 (2) Top five: 1. Horton, 2. Gurney, 3. Andreetta, 4. Van Conett, 5. Rick Horton.
9/18/83 NARC Ron Shuman Lovell #71 (3) Calistoga Classic. Doug Wolfgang was second in the C.K. Spurlock Gambler "house car" #18. Chuck Gurney finished third.
5/05/84 NARC LeRoy Van Conett (28) Neilson #1 (4) Cinco De Mayo yielded win #28 for LeRoy VanConett. Purse paid was $9,359. Tommy Astone was driving the Bob Consani #1n.
5/26/84 NARC Chuck Gurney (12) Bammer #11 (6) Gurney again outperformed all at the nasty half-mile. Hank Butcher was second, and Darrel Hanestad third in the feature. Former NARC champion, Wally Talbot returned to drive the Hank Marsh #02.
5/27/84 NARC Chuck Gurney (13) Bammer #11 (7) First Tribute to "GP". Gary Patterson was killed a year earlier on Sunday night of Memorial Day weekend. ...30 cars. Total purse was a strong $12,721. The top four teams of Gurney (Bammer #11), Boldrini (Watson #78), Hanestad (M.B. Racing #57), and Dave Bradway Jr. (Lamar #3) all made over $1,000.
6/3/84 NARC LeRoy Van Conett (29) Neilson #1 (5) LeRoy won his 29th career `Stoga feature driving for Ukiah's Bob Neilson.
6/9/84 NARC Chuck Gurney (14) Bammer #11 (8) Rick Hirst - big flip.
6/30/84 NARC LeRoy Van Conett (30) Bob Neilson #1 (6) Hank Butcher was the fastest qualifier in the Zootis #6n. Rendy Boldrini won the dash in the Ed Watson #78. Roy Van Conett (Leroy's son), Chuck Gurney, Jim Richardson, and Johnny Pearson were heat winners. "Big" John Carroll from Washington finished ninth in the A-Main.
7/01/84 NARC Chuck Gurney (15) Bammer #11 (9) Lealand McSpadden was in the Bailey Brothers #01. He set quick time and finished second to Gurney. For their fourth place finish, car owner Don Snow and driver Ron Horton spilt $360.
7/21/84 NARC Rich Forsberg (2) Forsberg #92 (2) Forsberg led wire-to-wire
8/11/84 NARC LeRoy Van Conett (31) Bob Neilson #1 (7) As far as we can tell, this was LeRoy's last win at Calistoga.
09/01/84 NARC Lealand McSpadden (3) Bailey Bros. #01 (8) Top five included McSpadden, Gurney, Van Conett, Brent Kaeding, and Rendy Boldrini.
09/02/ 84 NARC Lealand McSpadden (4) Bailey Bros. #01 (9) Top five was: McSpadden, Brent Kaeding, 3. Van cOnett, 4. Rick Horton, 5. Chuck Gurney.
09/29/84 NARC Lealand McSpadden (5) Bailey Bros. #01 (10) Calistoga Classic. ...Dave Bradway Jr. finished second followed by the Horton brothers - Ron, and Rick, and Jimmy Sills.
05/04/85 NARC Brent Kaeding (3) Kaeding #69 1985 season opener.
05/25/85 NARC Brent Kaeding (4) Kaeding #69 (2)

Interviewed on the P.A., Kaeding, Hank Butcher, Jason McMillen, and Kevin Urton.

05/26/85 NARC Brent Kaeding (5) Kaeding #69 (3) Kaeding passed Hank Butcher on the back chute on lap 22 to score the Tribute to GP win. BK set a new track record of 20.212, eclipsing Patterson's track record that had stood for ten years. ...Interviewed Mike Monahan, and Billy Yon
06/22/85 NARC Dave Bradway Jr. (2) Lamar #1 (2) Ronnie Day takes a nasty ride.
07/06/85 NARC Brent Kaeding (6) Kaeding #69 (4) Interviewed Rendy Boldrini, and Lealand McSpadden. ...Hank Butcher was second, and Rendy Boldrini was third.
07/07/85 NARC Brent Kaeding (7) Kaeding #69 (5) 26 year-old, BK won his 11th NARC race of the year
07/27/85 NARC Brent Kaeding (8) Kaeding #69 (6) Controversial race between Kaeding and Boldrini. Fans booed BK, who, put a big slider on Rendy. There was a confrontation after the feature. Kaeding won for the 6th time in seven races at Calistoga. ...Dave Bradway Jr. finished second. Ted Montague III, Jason McMillen, and Kevin Urton rounded out the top-five.
08/10/85 NARC Ron Horton (6) Bill & Gaye Deschamps #44 Horton had "Ma's motor" - which was a 393 cubic inch small block. It was a great, close race between Ron Horton, BK & Darrell Hanestad. They were so close on every lap, it was exciting.
08/31/85 NARC Jac Haudenschild Watson #78 (3) More drama in the Kaeding vs. Boldrini wars. This time, a crewman hit Brent's wife, JoAnn in a wild front chute melee. Interviewed on the PA: Dave Bradway Jr., and Dan Burton. ...Butron finished second, and Ted Montague III was third.
09/01/85 NARC Dave Bradway Jr. (3) Lamar #1 (3) Jason McMillen flipped over the curtain in turn one, suffering a bruised lung.
09/28/85 NARC Jac Haudenschild (2) Watson #78 (4) Last non-wing sprint car race at Calistoga was a boring yawner. Haudenschild also had quick time. Drivers interviewed were: Hank Butcher, Brent Kaeding, Doug Gandy, Rendy Boldrini, Kevin Urton, and Haudenschild.
05/10/86 NARC Chuck Gurney (16) Owen #14 1st winged race at Calistoga 18.634 fast time. Sheila Boivin was the first driver to qualify with a wing. 36 cars.
05/24/86 NARC Darrell Hanestad Nielson #2 (8) Dave Bradway Jr. NTR 18.631. Mike Monahan suffered burns in after driving all the way down the front chute on fire.
05/25/86 NARC Tim Green Snow #4 (4) Tribute to GP. Dave Bradway JR was 2nd, Hank Butcher 3rd. Green was driving Don Snow's Gambler Chassis #4.
06/14/86 NARC Darrell Hanestad (2) Suiter #3 Fast time to Hank Butcher 18.758.
07/05/86 NARC Craig Keel Chinen #20 $1,000 to winner. Packed house. 45 cars. NTR - Chuck Gurney 18.598
07/06/86 NARC Dave Bradway Jr. (4) Lamar #3 (4) NTR: 18.536 - Dave Bradway Jr.
07/26/86 NARC Dave Bradway Jr. (5) Lamar #3 (5) Bradway JR. continued his Calistoga brilliance with his 2nd win of the season, to go with three 2nd place runs in six races. JR started in the 7th row.
08/09/86 NARC Chuck Gurney (17) Consani #4 (5) 55.29 for 3 lap dash - BK NTR.
08/30/86 NARC Dave Bradway Jr. (6) Lamar #3 (6) Gurney 18.164 NTR. Billy Vuckovich III finished 10th.
08/31/86 NARC Jac Haudenschild (3) Saucier #1st Greg Rule 18.331. Haudenschild earned $1,500 as the winner. ... J.T. Hayes was Dash winner.
10/05/86 NARC Jimmy Sills (2) Chinen #20 (2) Classic. Tim Green NARC track record. 17.796 - Green was the first driver to run a 17 second lap at the big half mile.
10/19/86 WoO Doug Wolfgang Weikert #29 Steve Kinser was the second car to qualify and he turned a 18.991. That stood as quick time until Rocky Hodges went 18.895. 38 cars. Pennsylvania Hall of Fame driver Bobby Allen raced at Calistoga on this night. Ron Shuman was in the Ofixco #21. Dave Blaney was driving Gary Stanton's #40. Jack Hewitt was driving the Hampshire #63. Shane Carson was steering for Bob Miller. Keith Kauffman was also on the entry list. ...After Wolfgang, Steve Kinser was second, Bobby Davis Jr. third, Brad Doty fourth, and Jac Haudenschild was fifth. Jimmy Sills finished sixth in the #7x. The top-ten was filled out with Brent Kaeding, Kenny Jacobs, Hewitt, Blaney, and Mark Kinser.
5/2/87 NARC Dave Bradway Jr. (7) Lamar #3 (7) Jim Appleton - Big Ride in turn one. Dave Bradway Jr. runs a 17.837 to join Tim Green in the 100 MPH Club.
5/23/87 NARC Bryan Bullard Gillespie/Ross #56 (11) Bullard's first NARC win.
5/24/87 NARC Jimmy Sills (3) Owen & Smith #14 (2) Tribute to GP. Dave Bradway Jr. quick-time.
7/3/87 NARC Scott Luhdorff Castro Shane Scott pushed the Kitchell #47 around the 1/2 mile in 17.975 seconds to become the third man in the 100 MPH (avg.) club.
7/5/87 NARC Shane Scott Kitchell #47 Hank Butcher was the quick qualifier in the immaculate DuWayne Starr #18. Shane Scott won the feature with Steve Kent second, Darrell Hanestad third, Hank Butcher fourth, and Leonard Lee fifth. ...Don O'Keefe, John C. Anderson, Jim Appleton, and Kent won heats. 26 cars raced for a paid purse of $7660.
8/8/87 NARC Leonard Lee Neilson #2 (9) Calistoga Classic paid $2,700 to win. Bryan Bullard and Leonard Lee into 100 MPH Club in time-trials.
9/6/87 NARC Tommie Estes Jr. Lamar #3 (8) 38 cars. Quick Time - Jac Haudenschild 17.391. Fast track - Cris Eash recorded a new heat race track record. ...Visiting youngster, Andy Hillenburg finished 4th.
9/20/87 WoO Steve Kinser Karl Kinser #11 17.350 NTR. Steve Kinser. Brad Doty was second. Mark Kinser fourth in the #51.
5/28/88 NARC Tim Green (2) Owen #14 (3) New NARC track record set by Jeff Swindell 17.553. Danny Burton was 2nd in the A-Main.
5/29/88 NARC Jeff Swindell Williams #11x Tribute to GP.
5/30/88 NARC/GSC Tim Green (3) Owen #14 (4) Top 5: Green, Jeff Swindell, Brent Kaeding, Chuck Gurney, Ron Shuman.
7/2/88 NARC Darrell Hanestad (3) Robertson #8 Hanestad earned $1250 for the night of driving for Brock Robertson. Brent Kaeding was second, Rick Downey third, Rick Hirt fourth, and Don Myer fifth. ...Jimmy Carr finished tenth, and Paul McMahan was eleventh. ...Sparky Howard drove the Jack Boydson #7n to a fifth place run in the B-Main. ...Ed Dimock of Paradise made the feature in his own #64.
7/3/88 NARC Brent Kaeding (9) Miller #69 A bad night. 5 flips - Curfew - 16 laps. Hanestad through trees in Turn 3, after riding Roger Kolb's wheel at the end of the backchute. One of THE all-time scariest rides in `Stoga history. ...Jimmy Carr finished 2nd. ...Paid purse was $7,250
8/13/88 NARC Brent Kaeding (10) Miller #69 (2) Quick time and feature win for BK. NARC rookie, Paul McMahan drove the family #25 to a 3rd place finish.
9/3/88 NARC Brent Kaeding (11) Miller #69 (3) 27 laps - curfew shortened. Calistoga Classic.
9/4/88 NARC/GSC Jason McMillen McMillen #21 BK Fast Time.
5/06/89 NARC/GSC Steve Kent Danell & Dehart #5n 41 cars. Kent opened the season with his first Calistoga win, after setting quick-time. ...Kevin Pylant finished 2nd, and Darrell Hanestad was 3rd.
5/27/89 NARC Brent Kaeding (12) Miller #69 (4) Kaeding made $1430 on the night. ...Jamie Cavagnaro finished eigth in the Family Auto Service #98x. ...Steve Kent finished second. Rick Hirst was third, and Jason McMillen was fourth.
5/28/89 NARC Jason McMillen (2) McMillen #21 (2) Tribute to GP. McMillen first NARC winner from the pole in over two years. Lee James 5th. ...28 cars. Kaeding had quick-time, won the dash, and his heat in the Bob Miller #69. McMillen made $2,050 for the win.
07/01/89 NARC Brent Kaeding (13) Miller #69 (5) The top five was: 1: Kaeding, Brent (69 - Miller) 2: Kent, Steve (5 - Danell/DeHart) 3: Hirst, Rick (71 - Lovell) 4: Pylant, Kevin 5: Howard, Sparky
07/02/89 NARC Brent Kaeding (14) Miller #69 (6) The top five was: 1: Kaeding, Brent (69 - Miller) 2: Sills, Jimmy 3: Kent, Steve (5 - Danell/DeHart) 4: Hirst, Rick (71 - Lovell) 5: Hanestad, Darrell (17 - Bailey)
8/12/89 NARC Brent Kaeding (15) Miller #69 (7) Healthy $11,205 purse for race #33 onthe 1989 NARC season. ...BK beat a stout field of drivers. Jimmy Sills was second in the Danell & DeHart #5. Darrell Hanestad was third in Dencil Bailey's #17. Steve Kent drove the McMillen #21 to fourth, and Ronnie Day in the Rod Manning #6 was fifth.
8/26/89 NARC Kevin Pylant Pylant #14p Pylant's first win was one he earned with a top-five of the best in California. Brent Kaeding was second, followed by Rick Hirst, Steve Kent, and Ronnie Day.
9/10/89 WoO Jac Haudenschild (3) Powell #32u Jeff Swindell 2nd in R&J WILLIAMS #11x. (One of the best races ever at Calistoga)
5/5/90 NARC/GSC Bobby McMahan RCM #25 Bobby McMahan's first 410 sprint car win.
7/1/90 NARC Jimmy Sills (4) Danell & Dehart #5 (2) Rescheduled GP race, after being rained out May 27th, 1990. Sills wins the Tribute to GP for the 2nd time.
8/11/90 NARC Tim Green (4) Owen #14 (5) Tim Green beat Steve Kent, Kevin Pylant, Darrell Hanestad, and Jim Appleton.
8/25/90 NARC/GSC Brent Kaeding (16) Miller #69 (8) $12,575 paid purse for Golden State points race. Randy Tiner posted quick-time. John Golobic won the dash in the Bruce Homer #57. ...Jerry Ponzo was fined $75 by NARC for hot-lapping after the checkered flag. ...Delno Becker raced at Calistoga on this night.
09/09/90 WoO Sammy Swindell Harold Annett #1 Bobby Davis Jr., Joe Gaerte, Jac Haudenschild, and Danny Lasoski completed the top five.
5/4/91 GSC Ronnie Day Berry #7 Ronnie Day's first win at Calistoga came over Greg DeCaires, Tim Green, Jason McMillen, Darrell Hanestad, Jimmy Sills, Paul McMahan, Kevin Pylant, Mitch Sue, Bobby McMahan, and Brent Kaeding.
5/25/91 NARC Darrell Hannestad (4) Dencil Bailey #17 Walter T. Ross race. ...Kevin Pylant was 2nd, and Tim Green 3rd. ...Brent Kaeding had quick-time.
5/26/91 NARC Tim Green (5) Owen #14 (6) Tribute to GP. Green's 2nd GP win.
07/06/91 NARC Tim Green (6) Owen #14 (7) 32 cars. Paid purse of $12,040. The A-Main top ten was: 1. Green, 2. Kaeding, 3. Sills (Consani #4c), 4. Jason McMillen, 5. Kevin Pylant, 6. Bobby McMahan, 7. Bobby Michnowicz, 8. Greg DeCaires, 9. Johnny Cofer, 10. Dan Burton.
7/7/91 NARC Brent Kaeding (17) Miller #69 (9) BK won the NARC Speedweek event that paid $2,000. Tim Green was second. Jason McMillen, Kevin Pylant, and Terry McCarl completed the top-five.
8/10/91 NARC Tim Green (7) Owen #14 (8) Twin 20
8/10/91 NARC Tim Green (8) Owen #14 (9) Twin 20
08/31/91 WoO Steve Kinser (2) Karl Kinser #11 (2) Kinser smacked down the field, setting a new track record, winning his heat, running second to Johnny Herrera in the dash, and finally scoring the prelim win. Leslie Bremmer was the Trophy Girl
09/01/91 WoO Steve Kinser (3) Karl Kinser #11 (3) Kinser won $8,200 which is believed to be the highest top-prize ever given at the track (at the time). ...Johnny Herrera finished second in the Red Powell #32u.
5/2/92 NARC/GSC Tim Green (9) Owen #14 (10) 31 cars. Steve Kent had quick time (17.431) in the Selma Shell #11.
5/23/92 NARC Kyle Schild Schild #16 Twin 20
5/23/92 NARC Marc Zieske Lovell #71 (4) Twin 20
5/24/92 NARC Tim Green (10) Owen #14 (11) Twin 20
5/24/92 NARC Tim Green (11) Owen #14 (12) Twin 20 Tribute to GP. (Green's 3rd GP win)
7/3/92 NARC Darrell Hanestad (5) Dencil Bailey #17 (2) Speedweek 1992. 29 cars. Jimmy Sills - quick time (17.474) in the Consani #4c.
7/5/92 NARC Steve Kent (2) Helm #11 Part of Speedweek 1992. 25 cars. Hanestad 2nd, and Tiner 3rd.
08/08/92 NARC/GSC Greg DeCaires (or Hanestad?) Bumgarner #88n Decaires won the race but all eyes were on Tim Green, who beat Steve Kent by two car lengths to secure the King of California title for 1992. ...Only 13 cars showed up.
09/06/92 WoO Steve Kinser (4) Karl Kinser #11 (4) Andy Hillenburg demolishes the track record, turning a 16.993!
5/1/93 NARC/GSC Kevin Pylant (2) Pylant #3 (2) Steve Kent 2nd, Tim Green 3rd. ...23 cars. Duane Scott posted quick time. ...Pylant's winning take was $2,550.
5/29/93 NARC Steve Kent (3) Helm #11 (2) Duane Scott - New Track Record - NARC 17.180. Brent Kaeding was 2nd, and Aussie, Jamie Cobby finished 3rd in the Starr/Gillespie #18. ...32 cars. Total purse: $12,450.
07/02/93 USAC Western States Midgets / 360 sprints (winged) Ronnie Day (2) /// Billy Boat Danell & DeHart #5 (3) / Lawson #15x The first 360 sprint car race ever at Calistoga. Billy Boat established a midget track record of 21.957
7/3/93 NARC Randy Tiner Riolo #17 r Tribute to GP, held as night #4 during Speedweek 1993, due to rainout on May 30th. BIG PURSE attracted 38 cars. The total payoff was $19,660 thanks to the hustle of Terry Grubbs. ...Winner, Randy Tiner pocketed a cool $3,985.
9/3/93 WoO Steve Kinser (5) Karl Kinser #11(5) Perfect weather for the first three-day WoO event in Calistoga history.
9/4/93 WoO Andy Hillenburg Hillenburg #2 Steve Kinser - All time Track record 16.909
9/5/93 WoO Steve Kinser (6) Karl Kinser #11 (6) Local, Jimmy Sills ran a strong 2nd in the Helm #11 - subbing for injured Steve Kent. . Stevie Smith was 3rd for the third night in a row.
5/28/94 GSC Darrell Hanestad (6) Lovell #71n (5) Paid purse was $13,900. Steve Kent in the Helm #11h was second. Tim Green was third. The top five was completed by Lee Brewer Jr., and Brent Kaeding. 17.388 was quick-time by Steve Kent.
5/29/94 NARC Brent Kaeding (18) Miller #69 (10) Tribute to GP. Kaeding's 2nd GP win.
7/1/94 USAC Western Midgets / BCRA Johnny Cofer Esslinger #57 Tony Stewart thrilled Calistoga fans with a breathtaking 21.031 lap in a non-winged midget. That eclipsed the prior track record by 9/10's of a second.
7/1/94 360's Lee Brewer Jr. Tri-T Farms #3t 2nd 360 sprint car race at Calistoga. Don Johnson out of yard turn 3 & 4.
7/2/94 NARC Steve Kent (4) Helm #11 (3) Kent passed Brent Kaeding with a slider in turn four coming to the checkered for a thrilling win. Blake Robertson set quick time. California Speedweek race.
07/02/94 USAC Western Midgets / BCRA Tony Stewart Brown #36 Buy the tape! Contact: Mills Video Productions
09/02/94 WoO Joe Gaerte TW Racing #9tw Steve Kinser lost his muffler in the 20 lap prelim. Although he should have had another win, it was taken away via DQ. Kinser owned the night, setting a track record 16.889.
09/3/94 WoO Steve Kinser (7) Karl Kinser #11 (7) Preliminary program #2 of the Copenhagen-Skoal Shootout's California tour opener saw Andy Hillenburg break the one-lap record Kinser set Friday and challenge "The King of the Outlaws" for the lead until an engine problem. Kinser led all 20 laps for the second straight night, and received credit for the victory as the muffler on the #11 Valvoline Maxim stayed intact. Hillenburg's time 16.852
09/4/94 WoO Jeff Swindell (2) TW Racing #7tw (2) "Gentleman Jeff" drove to the $14,000 win in the Kramer-Wimmer #7tw. Jac Haudenschild was second, followed by Joe Gaerte, Dave Blaney, and Andy Hillenburg.
05/06/95 NARC/GSC Paul McMahan Lamar #3 (9) The Calistoga track was completely submerged in March 1995 flooding. ...Promoter Mike Kenney and his crew somehow had the track ready for racing. ...George Graham huge airtime. Track was one-lane. Walt James on the gas in Vintage racer. ...Steve Kent had quick-time, a 17.450.
5/27/95 NARC Paul McMahan (2) Lamar #3 (10) Total purse: $12,665. ...38 cars. Fast time fell to Lee Brewer Jr. in the Tri-T Farms #3T. ...Chuck Gurney finished 9th in the Ed Ulyate #3db. ...McMahan won $1,740.
5/28/95 NARC Paul McMahan (3) Lamar #3 (11) Tribute to GP. McMahan wire-to-wire. Jimmy Sills and Tim Green went for wild rides in turn one. ...Lee Brewer had quick-time for the 2nd night in a row. ...Jason Lund won the semi.
6/30/95 USAC Billy Boat Lawson #15 (2) Boat owned 1995 in Lawson's midget. Hank Butcher finished 2nd after leading the opening seven laps.
6/30/95 360's Monte Faccinto Greg Yanazzo smoking cars in 360 heat race. White flag fever. E-ticket ride he'll never forget.
07/01/95 NARC / USAC & BCRA Jimmy Sills (5) - NARC. Billy Boat (2) - USAC Berry #7 (2) / Lawson #15 (3) NARC Speedweek show that saw Jimmy Sills holding off Kevin Pylant at the checkered to win by four feet. ...NARC Purse was $14,860. ...34 cars on hand.
09/1/95 WoO Dave Blaney Luna #10 20 Laps. Preliminary feature. Jac Haudenschild was second, and Randy Hannagan finished third.
09/2/95 WoO Dave Blaney (2) Luna #10 (2) Steve Kinser sets New All-time Track Record - 16.546. ...Blaney passed Kinser with five laps to go for the win. Kinser was second, followed by Haudenschild, Keith Kauffman, and Jeff Swindell. ...Blaney went on to win the WoO Championship in 1995.
09/3/95 WoO Steve Kinser (8) Steve Kinser #11 Kinser's 399th World of Outlaws A-Main win.
5/4/96 NARC/GSC Paul McMahan (4) Lamar #3 (12) Jimmy Sills quick time - 17.318. ...Paul led every lap.
5/25/96 NARC Ronnie Day (3) Offill #88w Quick time: Randy Hannagan 17.272
5/26/96 NARC Steve Kent (5) Johnson #14d Tribute to GP. Kent's 2nd GP win.
7/5/96 USAC/BCRA Jim Keene Keene #25 Jason Leffler finished second. SCott Hansen was third, and Jay Drake was fourth.
7/5/96 Rebel Cup 360's Ronnie Day (4) Henderson #7n (3) Top-five was Ronnie Day, Mike Faria, Kevin Urton, Mike Wasina Jr., and Glen Boune.
7/6/96 NARC Bobby McMahan (2) Lamar #3 (13) Randy Hannagan has quick-time for the 3rd straight NARC race at Stoga.
7/6/96 USAC Western States Midgets Billy Boat (3) Lawson #15 (4) Jay Drake was second to a sominant Boat. Ronnie Day finished third. ..Bubba Ebding took a wild ride on the front-chute.
8/30/96 WoO Mark Kinser Karl Kinser #5m (8) Mark Kinser broke the track record getting down to 16.30 seconds. He also won the 20-lap preliminary feature over Steve Kinser, Dave Blaney, Jeff Swindell, and Andy Hillenburg.
8/31/96 WoO Stevie Smith Ecowater #71 Smith dominated the World of Outlaws' second preliminary feature in the Bonzai Bruns prepared #71, leading all 20 laps from the pole and taking the checkered flag 10 car-lengths ahead of Steve Kinser. ...Mark K inser paced the 32-car field with a 16.353-second qualifying lap. Jeff Swindell crossed the finish line in fourth place, but was disqualified when Skoal Outlaw Series officials determined the muffler on the #7TW Gold Eagle Maxim to be broken and separated from the header, making it illegal. He was credited with a 24th- place finish.
9/1/96 WoO Dave Blaney (3) Blaney-Hylton #10. Race paid $15,000 to-win. Sammy Swindell was second followed by Mark Kinser, Paul McMahan, and Stevie Smith.
5/3/97 NARC Bobby McMahan (3) Bumgarner #88 Randy Hannagan lowered the track record to 16.647. ...McMahan rode the rim to an impressive win.
5/24/97 NARC Bobby McMahan (4) Bumgarner #88 (3) Walt Ross Memorial. Not a bad top 5 eh? 1. B. McMahan, 2. Kent, 3. Bud Kaeding, 4. Randy Tiner, 5. Brent Kaeding
5/25/97 NARC Randy Tiner (2) Tiner #83 Tribute to GP was dominated by Tiner who also had quick time.
7/5/97 NARC Randy Tiner (3) Tiner #83 (2) Tiner beat Brent Kaeding to the checkered by a front wing. ...Hannagan set quick-time for the 3rd time of the `97 Calistoga season.
8/29/97 WoO Sammy Swindell (2) Swindell #1 Mark Kinser sets NTR: 16.057
8/30/97 WoO Sammy Swindell (3) Swindell #1 (2) Sammy won over Stevie Smith, Danny Lasoski, Jac Haudenschild, and Dave Blaney.
8/31/97 WoO Sammy Swindell (4) Swindell #1 (3) Swindell dominated the weekend en route to his 3rd WoO Championship.
5/23/98 NARC Ronnie Day (5) Offill #88w (2) May 2, season opener was rained out. EL Nino. 25-LAP BUDWEISER SHOOT OUT: Day, Hannagan, Pylant, Furr, B. McMahan. ...33 cars. Day, for his win, earned $2,270.
5/24/98 NARC/GSC Randy Hannagan THR #1x Tribute to GP. Hannagan 16.304 - sets a new NARC/GSC Track Record, and then posts a clean sweep. This was the one and only GSC event at Calistoga in 1998. ...35 cars for a healthy $16,045 purse.
7/2/98 NARC Randy Hannagan (2) THR #1x (2) Another sweep for Hannagan. Quick time, heat, dash, A-Main.
7/3/98 NARC Randy Tiner (4) Tiner #83 (3) Tiner came from the back after being the first to blow a right rear tire. ...Jason Lund crashes hard in hot laps. He retired two weeks later.
9/4/98 WoO Jac Haudenschild (4) Elden #22 Top-five: "Haud", Stevie Smith, Sammy Swindell, Andy Hillenberg, and Danny Lasoski.
9/5/98 WoO Steve Kinser (9) Steve Kinser #11 (2) The King of the Outlaws scored his ninth career Calistoga win. Mark Kinser was second.
9/6/98 WoO Stevie Smith (2) Smith #19 The highest paying feature in the history of the track offered $16,000 to winner Stevie Smith of New Oxford, PA. Steve Kinser finished second, and sammy Swindell was third.
5/1/99 NARC Jason Meyers Carter #14 1999 season opener won by 19 year-old Jason Meyers.
5/29/99 NARC Ronnie Day (6) Offill #88 w (3) Bud Kaeding 2nd, Tim Kaeding 3rd. Eric Rossi was fourth, and Randy Hnnagan finished fifth.
5/30/99 NARC Brent Kaeding (19) Peterson #2m Randy Hannagan 2nd, Bud Kaeding 3rd. BK's 3rd tribute to GP win.
7/2/99 NARC Jason Meyers (2) Carter #14 (2) Steve Osborne - Turn 2 big crash.
7/3/99 NARC Ronnie Day (7) Offill #88w (4) Speedweek 1999. Day used Carerra Shocks
9/3/99 WoO Sammy Swindell (5) Swindell #1 (4) Sammy also had quick time.
9/4/99 WoO Danny Lasoski Roth #83 Kevin Gobrecht won the dash.
9/5/99 WoO Sammy Swindell (6) Swindell #1 (5) Sammy led wire to wire. ...Bud Kaeding wins 1999 track championship.
5/27/00 NARC Steve Kent (6) Henderson Jr. #7n (4) Tommy Tarlton runs 16.961 for quick time honors.
5/28/00 NARC Steve Kent (7) Henderson Jr. #7n (5) Kent's 3rd GP win.
7/1/00 NARC Ronnie Day (8) Weldon Offill #88w (5) Dry-slick.
9/2/00 WoO Jac Haudenschild (5) Jack Elden #22 (2) feature was to run on 9/1/01 but was rained out in A-main. Haudenschild won from 10th.
9/2/00 WoO Jac Haudenschild (6) Jack Elden #22 (3) Slick/Hard track- lots of passing.
9/3/00 WoO Danny Lasoski (2) Dennis Roth #83 (2)

Heavy and Fast. Haud - radius rod broken.

05/05/01 GSC Damion Gardner Gardner #20 WoO Rookie of the Year candidate, Jason Meyers was rained out in Nebraska - so he flew home to drive the Carter #14. He was 2nd.
05/26/01 GSC Jim Skinner Skinner #73 First win for Skinner on super-fast track. 3 GSC cars in the 16 second bracket.
05/27/01 GSC Brent Kaeding (20) M&M Racing #2m (2) Tribute to GP. Jon Allard survives wicked front chute crash. BK's fourth Tribute to GP win.
06/30/01 GSC Steve Kent (8) Roger Henderson Jr. #7n (6) Brian Coelho, quick time for third race in `01 season.
08/31/01 WoO Jeff Shepard Guy Forbrook #5 Shepard made his `Stoga debut and won. Johnny Anderson paces the field in vintage sprinter.
09/01/01 WoO Andy Hillenburg (2) Hillenburg #2 Steve Kinser led the first 11 laps.
09/02/01 WoO Jeff Shepard (2) Guy Forbrook #5 (2) $20,000 win for Shepard. Hannagan suffers broken leg on lap 2 crash. Herrera bends the cage in B-Main, and walks away.
05/04/02 GSC Eric Rossi Filipich #98x 2002 season opener, 410 winged sprint cars. 21 cars. Rossi held back Kevin Pylant, and Jason Meyers in a entertaining feature.
05/25/02 GSC Sammy Swindell (7) Jason Roth #83 Jr. A GREAT RACE! Tim Kaeding was passed by Jason Meyers, then passed him back. Tim then looked like a sure winner when caution came out with a half lap left. Swindell moved around Tim after the restart, for a last lap win. ...Johnny Gray won heat two but flipped hard in the feature. Stuart Krum also flipped. ...Johnny Anderson, Ron Horton, and Jim Perry paced the field three-wide in a salute to Indy.
05/26/02 GSC Jason Meyers (3) Carter #14 (3) Clean sweep for Meyers. Fast time 16.9, heat win, and feature win from 8th. ...Stout top five: Meyers, Tim Kaeding, Steve Kent, Brent Kaeding, Sammy Swindell.
08/30/02 WoO Mark Kinser (2) Karl Kinser #5m (9) Mark led every lap (25). Tim Shaffer had quick time.
08/31/02 WoO Tim Shaffer Dennis Roth #83 (3) Shaffer was super fast. Peter Murphy crashed the Morrie Williams #0 very hard on the front-chute but was not injured.
09/01/02 WoO Daryn Pittman Woodburn #21 Pittman took the lead when Brad Furr popped a right-rear while leading on lap 25. ...22 cars. $20,000 to the winner. ...Jason Meyers wrapped up the Calistoga Speedway Track Championship.
05/24/03 GSC Tim Kaeding Cowan #7T Tim's first win. ...Yellow lights around track didn't work at start of night so hot laps started at 9:23 PM. ...A long night with too much water on the track. ...Toni Lutar quick time. ...A long, forgettable night for all except Tim Kaeding, and Lutar. 31 cars. ...Joey Magaruh stuffed it hard in turn three and four.
05/25/03 GSC Dennis Moore Jr. Williams #0 Morrie Williams first car-owner win. Only Moore's second night of racing at Stoga. 24 cars. Bone dry track took rubber.
06/21/03 Civil War vs. Rebel Cup Greg DeCaires (2) Kumar #1K 60 cars! DeCaires led every lap of the 20 lap feature.
08/29/03 WoO Danny Lasoski (3) Stewart #20 Joey Saldana had quick time. ...Steve Kinser crashed in the feature in turn three when Brian Paulus got sideways and spun in front of him. Steve's chassis was bent. Scott Gerkin and crew repaired him to restart but he pulled in. ...Lasoski dominated the 25 lap Harvest Classic prelim. Late start led to a late finish, after 11pm. ...Craig Stidham destroyed his #3 in a turn three crash.
08/30/03 WoO Danny Lasoski (4) Stewart #20 (2) Clean Sweep! Lasoski recorded quick time, won his heat, drew a "zero" pill for the dash, won it, and then cruised to the 25 lap Harvest Classic prelim win. ...Steve Kinser again got into the wall in turn three during the feature. His tire popped, and he hit the wall hard enough to damage the frame for the second night in a row.
08/31/03 WoO Danny Lasoski (5) Stewart #20 (3) A weekend sweep similar to Sammy Swindell's 1997 feat. Lasoski spanked them using a Kistler-MOPAR engine, and Eagle chassis. ...Mike Benson walked away from a hard flip.
05/01/04 GSC Kevin Pylant (3) Pylant #14p (3) Kevin Pylant last won at Calistoga 11 years ago to the day. He led all 25 laps. Car-owner Don Pylant missed his son's victory while attending the Cup races in Fontana.
05/29/04 GSC Tim Kaeding (2) Dennis Roth #83 jr. (4) Tim started ninth and was able to pass where others could not. The drive was dominant! 23 cars. Brad Furr had quick time. Show ended early with the checkered flag falling by 9:40 PM.
05/30/04 GSC Sparky Howard Howard #6 Sparky achieved a lifelong dream by winning the Tribute to Gary Patterson. Blake Robertson was second, Brent Kaeding third. BK had his elbows up, racing without Billy Albini who is going through radiation therapy for throat cancer.
06/19/04 Civil War / Rebel Cup Mike Wagner Kumar #1k (2) Pennsylvania driver Mike Wagner hopped into the #1K, did a great job, and won the 20-lap feature in his first appearance ever at the track. Chuck Gurney Jr. broke the 360 winged track record, turning the half-mile in 17.846 seconds.
09/03/04 WoO Tim Kaeding (3) Roth #83jr. (5) The track took rubber but before it did, Tim put on a show! A good night of racing. Very warm night. 76 degrees after 11 pm.
09/04/04 WoO Donny Schatz Schatz #15 A frustrating night. Too much water on track led to a long delay. Schatz won his first ever Calistoga feature. ...Sparky Howard crashed hard on the back chute, wiping out his own #6.
09/05/04 WoO Danny Lasoski (6) Stewart #20 (4) Steve Kinser led early but a souring powerplant led him to slow down. Lasoski was fast and he pounced on the wounded #11, and won handily.
05/28/05 GSC Brent Kaeding (21) Kaeding #69 (7) Brent Kaeding led all 25 laps. ...27 cars.
05/29/05 GSC Steve Kent (9) Henderson #7n (7) Kent passed Blake Robertson to win the 25-lap Tribute to Gary Patterson. ...BK was second. ...Johnny Gray and Pete Murphy flipped on the night. ...Kyle Hirst, a 17 year-old Calistoga rookie, won his heat race in a runaway.
09/02/05 WoO Steve Kinser (10) Steve Kinser #11 (3) Steve Kinser handled the field with relative ease. Brandon Wimmer finished a career best 2nd with Joe Gaerte tuning his #7TW. Stephen Allard flipped hard in turn four destroying Rick Wright's #35.
09/03/05 WoO Danny Lasoski (7) Tony Stewart #20 (5) Steve Kinser was the show - charging from the back after a crash while leading. With a bent race car - he passed high and low and got back to fourth. BIG TIME performance. ...
09/04/05 WoO Donny Schatz (2) Schatz #15 (2) Best race in the last three years at Calistoga. Kinser passed Schatz - and then Schatz passed Kinser back running the tip-top of the track. Super impressive run by Schatz with Ricky Warner tuning. Steve Kent wraps up seventh track title.
5/27/06 GSC Steve Kent (10) Henderson #7n (8) "The driver formerly known as the Sock" - Steve Kent - walked away with his tenth career `Stoga feature win. ...Dry track took rubber. Jon Allard had quick-time. ...Allard flipped early in feature but roared from the rear back to a fourth place result. 32 cars. ...Brad Furr suffered a wing malfunction on the left side panel and flipped hard breaking his frame. Robert Ballou was also upside down in the feature.
05/28/06 GSC Steve Kent (11) Henderson #7n (9) Kent showed his form in the Henderson Motorsports Eagle/Bailey #7n. Kent passed early leader and eventual runner-up Robert Ballou to score his eleventh career A-Main triumph at the historic half-mile dirt track. Ronnie Day finished third in the Tribute to Gary Patterson feature with Sean Becker fourth, and Jason Statler fifth. Golden State Challenge points leaders Jon Allard and Brent Kaeding both posted DNF's Sunday night. Allard's #0 suffered a U-joint failure, and Kaeding fought ignition and engine woes. 27 cars timed-in, led by Day who ripped the track in 16.868 seconds.
06/17/06 Civil War Jesse Hockett Flachman #55 Warsaw Missouri driver Jesse Hockett flew in to run Mark Flachman's #55. He walked away with a feature win in his first try at the 1/2-mile. ...39 cars. ...Andy Forsberg had quick-time.
08/12/06 Civil War Jason Statler Statler #00 “I’ve been coming up here since I was five years old sitting on the backstretch and watching them grade the track,” said Statler, the 2004 California state sprint car champion. “But I thought I was never going to win here." ...Statler won when Brent Kaeding ran out of fuel while leading on the last lap. ...34 cars.
09/02/06 World of Outlaws Danny Lasoski (8) Roth #83 (6) Lasoski saved a win by holding off Paul McMahan on a late-race restart. Terry McCarl raced from 18th to 8th. Jeremy Campbell started 20th and finished tenth.
09/03/06 World of Outlaws Craig Dollansky Karavan #7 Dave Yingst and Rob Hart are the wrenches on Craig Dollansky's car right now. The 'Crowd Pleaser', said his car was "so perfect" at Calistoga that he felt he HAD to win the race. He did just that. ...Jason Statler won the 2006 Calistoga track title.
05/26/07 GSC Jason Statler (2) McMillen #10 (3) Jon Allard had quick-time at 16.878. ...Willie Croft had his best `Stoga finish ever with a runn-up run in the A-Main. Jason Statler won. He started 14th but crossed the line first when leaders ran out of fuel.
05/27/07 GSC Jon Allard Williams #0 Allard scored his first Calistoga win after years of trying. Allard also had quick-time at 16.828. Allard led all 25 laps of the 24th Tribute to Gary Patterson. The Chico driver withheld Brent Kaeding for the victory. Sean Becker finished third followed by Ronnie Day, and Jason Statler. Bud Kaeding started 15th and finished sixth driving a Dan Simpson backup car. Bud's Wright One Construction #35 was a late scratch before the feature. ...Brandon Wimmer crashed hard into the turn two fence when his front suspension failed on the opening lap of the Dash... .Only 15 cars in the feature event. ...Heat winner were Bud Kaeding, Becker, and Ronnie Day.
06/16/07 Civil War Mike Benson Benson #77 Benson became the first hometown winner in ages when he drove his own #77 to the 360 winged win. Kyle Larson made his Calistoga debut a good one with a third in the B-main, and a run up to 14th in the feature. ...Kevin Pylant shattered the 360 track record with a lap of 17.341 in the Walt Branco #6x.
08/11/07 Civil War Jimmy Trulli Trulli #33t Roger Crockett had quick-time at 17.957 in the Henderson #7n. ...Alissa Geving won the B-Main and then drove into ninth in the feature. ...Top-five in A-Main were Trulli, Andy Gregg, Jason Statler, Brent Kaeding, and Sean Becker.
09/01/07 World of Outlaws Danny Lasoski (9) Roth #83 (7) Lasoski joined greats Phil Pedlar, and Mike Andreetta as nine time winners at the historic half-mile. Said Lasoski, “We got it going tonight. Steven Tiner, Rob Hart and Dave Whitworth have been working very hard and have not given up. They have been plugging away and I am very proud of them.” ...Roger Crockett posted his career best WoO finish with a runner-up drive in the Henderson #7n. ...Randy Hannagan had quick time at 17.028 seconds.
09/02/07 World of Outlaws Danny Lasoski (10) Roth #83 (8) Lasoski swept the weekend in the final appearance of the World of Outlaws at Calistoga. The event went 25 laps non-stop with Lasoski swapping the lead with fellow front row starter Jason Meyers. Daryn Pittman was third followed by Jason Sides, and Joey Saldana. ... Justin Henderson’s night came to an early end, when he received second degree burns to his face and elbow, after his engine exploded during time trials. He was transported to the hospital and released later in the night, returning to the track after the checkered flag had flown. Craig Dollansky paced the 31 cars that timed-in @ 17.052 seconds at 105.559 mph. ...Another win at `Stoga for mechanic Rob Hart.
06/14/08 Civil War Tyler Walker SC Racing #24 Walker beat Sean Becker, Brent Kaeding, Jason Statler, and Kyle Hirst to score his first career win at Calistoga. Jason Johnson had quick time in Paul Silva's #57. ...Heat race winners included Bradley Terrell, Walker, Becker, and Colby Wiesz.
08/09/08 Civil War Jason Statler (3) Statler #00 (3) Statler stormed to his third career win at the BIG half-mile ahead of Brent Kaeding, Ronnie Day, Jeff Parady, and Sean Becker. ...Myles Bishop posted quick-time. ...A surprise entrant was Anthony Simone!
08/30/08 USAC-CRA Sprint cars, and USAC Western Midgets Tim Kaeding (4) / Johnny Rodriguez Roth #83 jr. (9) / Mitchell #87 A great night at the track! The wings came off for the first time in 23 years in the sprint car division. Tim Kaeding and Jesse Hockett had a shootout that delighted the large crowd. Kevin Swindell was also spectacular - "almost losing it" trying to catch TK. ...32 sprint cars timed in. ...The midget race was the best four-car feature ever! Attrition widdled down the field to just four cars but the battle for the lead between Johnny Rodriguez and Scott Pierovich was spectacular.
08/31/08 USAC-CRA Sprint cars, and USAC Western Midgets Kevin Swindell / Johnny Rodriguez (2) Rolfe #10 / Mitchell #87 (2) Track records fell on night two of the Louie Vermeil Classic. Nic Faas went 20.723 in a midget to break Tony Stewart's 14 year-old record. ...The Midget feature was great again with Rodriguez making a last lap pass for his second straight win. Again Scott Pierovich was J-Rod's victim. ...Kevin Swindell ran away with the sprint car finale on a tire-eating track. ...Visiting Missouri driver Jesse Hockett called Calistoga Speedway "The nut sack track."
05/23/09 GSC Tim Kaeding (5) Roth #83JR (10) After a one year hiatus - the Golden State Challenge returned for the traditional Memorial weekend races. Tim Kaeding wound up being the best of 21 entries. He also had fast time at 17.226. Jonathan Allard was A-Main runner-up and Bud Kaeding finished third. ...There was also a companion Modified show.
05/24/09 GSC Kyle Hirst Gary Perkins #6 Kyle Hirst won his first A-Main at Calistoga Speedway. Brent Kaeding finished second followed by Jon Allard, Tyler Walker, and Bud Kaeding. ...Only 19 cars showed up.
08/08/09 Civil War Andy Forsberg Forsberg #92 (3) Andy Forsberg captured his first `Stoga feature win. That makes four of the last five races where either a third or second generation driver has won. ...Greg DeCaires finished second. Shain Matthews, Wes Gutierrez, and Sean Becker completed the top-five. ...Track was hard and dry in HOT LAPS.
09/05/09 USAC/CRA and USAC Western Midgets Kevin Swindell (2) / Garrett Hansen Roth #83 (11) / Bondio #47

Kevin Swindell of Germantown, Tenn. passed Matt Mitchell on lap 24 and led the final seven laps to win Saturday night’s 30-lap “Louie Vermeil Classic”. Mitchell finished second behind’s Swindell’s Roth Racing special, with Blake Miller, Bobby McMahan and David Cardey rounding out the “top-five” at the checkered flag. Miller set a new track record during qualifying at 19.335 seconds. Danny Sheridan led the first 12 laps and Mitchell the next 11 before Swindell took over. Keith Bloom and Austin Williams flipped during the feature. ...In the midgets Hansen drove the Andy Bondio entry to victory, winning the 20-lap contest. Alex Schutte led the opening lap and finished second behind Hansen, who led the last 29 laps for the win. New track record holder Shannon McQueen (20.470) finished third ahead of Evan Margeson and Dennis Howell.

09/06/09 USAC/CRA and USAC Western Midgets Mike Spencer / Josh Ford Chaffin #50 / Ford #73

Bloom flipped during qualifications, Miller and Hawkins flipped during the third heat. Griffin, Hockett and Larson flipped during the feature. ...In the midgets - Josh Ford of Oxnard, Calif. led all 20 laps to win. Josh and his Temecula Valley & Pipe/V-Mac Ellis/Fontana were trailed at the checkered flag by Hansen, Margeson, Scott Pierovich and fast qualifier Schutte. ...Shane Golobic was named track champion.

05/29/10 GSC Jon Allard (2) Williams #0 (2) Tim Kaeding scored quick time at 16.761 but Jon Allard won the race. 19 cars. Top five was: Allard, TK, Kyle Larson, Bud Kaeding, Brent Kaeding.
05/30/10 GSC Bud Kaeding BK Racing #29 Bud Kaeding scored his first career win at Calistoga by driving from sixth starting spot to the win. Tim Kaeding was second followed by Jon Allard, Evan Suggs, and Jason Statler. ...18 cars.
08/07/10 Civil War Stephen Allard Steve Smith #14s Gong show. 20 cars. Too much water on the track led to the scrapping of time-trials. Heat races were lined up a little after 8 pm. All cars ran two heats for points. After a long night the main event was halted on lap 21 when Jim Richardson slowed on the race track and came to a stop. Stephen Allard won his first career Calistoga main event. It was not without a little controversy. Mike Henry had the lead when the checkered was thrown due to going past curfew. However. Henry was penalized for jumping the previous start - thus handing the win to Stephen Allard. ...Mike Benson, Geoff Ensign, and Jeff Parady flipped in the feature.
09/04/10 USAC-CRA Damion Gardner (2) / Robby Josett Rod Tiner #83 (4) / Josett #2

Gardner joined the exclusive club of drivers who won at Calistoga both with and without a wing. "The Demon" aced the USAC-CRA sprint car field in impressive fashion. He started 13th and was leading by lap six. ...Blake Miller set a new single lap track record, turning a 19.078 on the half-mile. ...Robert Ballou drove the Finkenbinder #3F from 17th to 5th. ...Robby Josett won the USAC Western Midget 20-lap feature after an aggressive pass on leader Alex Schutte that sent Schutte flipping. ... Cory Kruseman finished second. Ryan Kaplan set quick-time in the midgets at 20.927. 17 midgets. ...Announcer Bobby Gerould arranged to have Don Otomo of Quality Sound install a temporary sound system that boomed like a studium rig.

09/05/10 USAC-CRA and Western Midgets Damion Gardner (3) / Cory Kruseman Rod Tiner #83 (5) / Kruseman #21k Gardner swept the USAC-CRA weekend, surviving a "blown-tire fest". Daron Clayton tracked down Gardner in the closing laps but could not make a pass. Top five: Gardner, Clayton, Mike Spencer, Kyle Larson, and Blake Miller. ...Marty Hawkins from Calistoga has his best career finish on the half mile oval, finishing sixth after starting 20th on the grid ...Kruseman added his name to the illustrious list of Calistoga Speedway winners. 16 midgets participated. ...Larson was named 2010 track champ.
04/02/11 World of Outlaws Jason Sides Sides #7s Sides won after Craig Dollansky's car sputtered coming off turn four to the checkered flag. Kyle Larson charged from 21st to third! Top five: Sides, Dollansky, Larson, Saldana, Meyers. 25 cars. Paul McMahan had quick-time of 17.600 in the Roth #83. ...Sides win paid $10,000. ...Last place in the A-Main paid $800.
05/28/11 King of the West RAINED OUT    
05/29/11 King of the West Tim Kaeding (6) / Nick DeCarlo Roth #83 jr. (12) Curfew shortened GONG SHOW. The race was red-flagged to a stop at lap 13 to clear the wreckage after Brad Furr crashed and flipped in turn two.  Minutes later, the checkered flag waved over the field that sat silently on the front straightaway as the clock struck eleven.  Top three: Tim Kaeding, Kyle Larson, Ian Madsen. Fast time: Jon Allard 17.469. ...Nick DeCarlo of Martinez, led from start to finish to win the 20 lap main event for dirt modifieds.
08/06/11 Civil War Andy Forsberg (2) F&F Racing #X1 Top-four: Forsberg, Kyle Hirst, Mike Benson, Greg DeCaires. Quick-time: Ronnie Day 17.983. 23 cars showed up.
09/03/11 USAC-CRA w/ USAC Western Classic, and USAC Western Midgets Robert Ballou / Scott Pierovich Ford #72 (2) / Pierovich #35 Really good feature race that had Ballou, and Sheridan battling it out in traffic. "Lapped traffic was really tough tonight," said Sheridan.  "When you're going 30 miles an hour faster than they are, things happen in a hurry." Top-five: Ballou, Danny Sheridan, Matt Mitchell, Mike Spencer, and Damion Gardner. ...Scott Pierovich won the companion midget race in wire-to-wire fashion. ...There were 24 sprint cars - paced by Gardner's 20.011 lap. Josh Ford was the midget quick-timer at 21.250. There were 15 midgets.
09/04/11 USAC-CRA w/ USAC Western Classic, and USAC Western Midgets Mike Spencer (2) / Johnathon Henry Chaffin #50 (2) / Graunstadt #88 Robert Ballou led the first 24 laps of the 30-lap feature before he suffered a popped tire. That handed the lead to Spencer. Spencer led the final seven laps to beat Matt Mitchell, Nic Faas, Ryan Bernal and Geoff Ensign. Ensign’s finish enabled him to pass Western Classic Sprint point leader Tony Hunt in the standings. ...Damion Gardner posted quick-time at 20.551. ...Spencer was crowned as the 2012 Calistoga Speedway track champion. ...Johnathon Henry won the midget event. There were only 15 midgets.
03/31/12 World of Outlaws RAINED OUT    
05/26/12 King of the West Sprint Cars / Modifieds Tim Kaeding (7) / Nick DeCarlo (2) Roth #83 (13) Tim Kaeding the defending KWS champ carved his way from 16th to pass Jonathan Allard on the final lap for a thrilling victory.  A couple of rain delays at the start of the night forced teams and fans to wait things out for a couple of hours, before finally getting things going once the rain stopped.  ...Quick time: Tim Kaeding 16.982
05/27/12 King of the West Sprint Cars / Modifieds Rico Abreu / Mike Salazar Abreu #89 20 year-old Rico Abreu, a local from St. Helena scored a popular win in just his second race at Calistoga Speedway. The talented second-year sprint car driver competed with the USAC National Midget Series on Saturday in Indiana, before flying home to be in action with the Cancen Oil King of the West Series presented by Goodyear on Sunday. ...Andy Gregg scored a 'Stoga career-best runner-up finish. Willie Croft was third for the second night in a row. ...Quick-time was Tim Kaeding at 17.180
08/04/12 Civil War / West Coast Late Models Mason Moore / Bobby Hogge IV Moore #22 Mason Moore scored his first career Calistoga win. 28 cars were on hand. Quick-time was 19.810 by Sean Becker.
09/01/12 USAC-CRA w/ USAC Western Classic, and USAC Western Midgets Ryan Bernal / Evan Margeson Ford #73 (3) / Margeson #50 Ryan Bernal put on one of the most impressive non-wing performances in Calistoga history - driving 30 laps, four-wheels over the cushion! Bernal won $3,000 for his efforts. Chad Boespflug finished second, with Mike Spencer third, and Danny Sheridan fourth. ...Kyle Hirst, and Shauna Hogg suffered flips. Hogg flipped in the feature but hopped back in her repaired #5 and drove to an eighth place finish. ...Evan Margeson won the companion midget feature that paid $5,000 to-win. Midget quick-time was Alex Schutte at 20.711. Kyle Hirst set sprint car quick-time at 19.580.
09/02/12 USAC-CRA w/ USAC Western Classic, and USAC Western Midgets Kyle Hirst (2) / Rico Abreu (2) Tiner #83 (6) / Kunz #67 Hirst led all 30 laps in Rod Tiner's #83 to take home the $7,500 top prize. ...Danny Sheridan took a nasty ride at the start of the feature. ...Ryan Bernal closed in on Hirst during the later stages of the race but ultimately - Bernal popped a right rear tire on the "rubber-down" track. ...Rico Abreu piloted the Keith Kunz Motorsports/Curb-Agajanian Toyota to victory in Sunday night’s 25-lap “Louie Vermeil Classic” USAC Mopar Western Midget race at Calistoga Speedway. The win paid a midget-feature record $7,500! He took the lead early and withheld the challenges of Shane Golobic to score the win. Abreu became the first known driver to win in both a sprint car and a midget at Calistoga Speedway. ...Midget quick-time was 21.276 by Shane Golobic. ...Sprint car quick-time was 20.767 by Mike Spencer.
10/27/12 Winged 360's Sean Becker Monhoff #35 Tragic night. Tyler Wolf was killed in a turn two crash, 3 laps into the A-Main. The event was a special race celebrating the 75th anniversary of the track. ...The win paid $15,000 to Sean Becker and car owner Dan Monhoff. ...Jason Meyers set quick-time at 18.753. Heats were taken by Shane Golobic, Herman Klein, Sean Becker, and Justyn Cox. Kyle Hirst won the B-Main.
08/31/13 USAC-CRA w/ USAC Western Classic, and USAC Western Midgets Bud Kaeding (2) / Rico Abreu (3) Buster & Ziggy #29 / Kunz #67 (2) Bud Kaeding recovered from hooking the cushion in turn one on lap one, to win the opening night of the sixth annual Louie Vermeil Classic. The win paid $7,500. Kaeding dropped back to sixth early in the race but rode the cushion back to the front to win it. It was an impressive drive! ...There were 34 sprint cars, paced by Mike Spencer at 20.085. ...Marty Hawkins endured a nasty crash in turn one that left him with temporary blurred vision. ...Kevin Sharrah, in a rare non-wing start, walked away from a wild, throttle-sticking, crash in turn one. ...BIG crowd on hand to see the improvements made at the speedway. New fencing and safety barriers were put in place. The track was widened. New flag-stand. New sound system was used for the first time. ...Rico Abreu dominated the midget feature event driving for Keith Kunz. The win paid $10,000! 23 midgets timed-in. ...Nic Faas suffered a nasty, tight series of flips in turn one during the midget feature. He was the lone ranger making progress on the high-scary side when it bit him. Showing his toughness, Faas then raced the sprint car feature immediately after.
09/01/13 USAC-CRA w/ USAC Western Classic, and USAC Western Midgets Kyle Larson / Kyle Larson (2) Ford #73x (4) / Kunz #71 (3) Kyle Larson tracked down leader Mike Spencer in traffic, and passed him with two laps to go to win the $10,000 winner's share on the second night of the Louie Vermeil Classic. Larson had just come off the track as a winner for the first time at 'Stoga in the companion midget feature. That too paid ten grand to win. Larson also won his heat races. ...The sprint car feature was "a first-class sprint car race", according to historian Ron Albrite. The race went 30 laps non-stop! Larson, Bud Kaeding, Austin Williams, and Spencer all had a shot to win it on the last lap. The fans stood and cheered wildly during the last two laps. ...Universally, social media deemed this night of racing, a HUGE success! ...Car count: 34 sprint cars, 23 midgets. ...Midget pilot Britton Bock proposed to his girlfriend on bended knee before the heat races started. She said YES. ...With only two events at Calistoga in 2013 - Bud Kaeding was named sprint car track champion. He won, and finished second in his two A-Mains.
04/05/14 World of Outlaws / USAC Western Classic Brad Sweet / Nic Faas Kahne #49 / Ford Racing #73 (5) Brad Sweet look the lead from Missouri's Brian Brown on lap 17 and went on to win his first feature event at the historic half-mile. Brown settled for second, followed by Joey Saldana, Donny Schatz, and Rico Abreu. The rest of the World of Outlaws top-ten included: Daryn Pittman, Kerry Madsen, Cody Darrah, Sammy Swindell, and Steve Kinser. There were 28 cars, paced by Saldana's 15.731. ...The companion non-wing 360 feature was won by Nic Faas, with Geoff Ensign second and Ryan Bernal third. Driver Bradley Terrell was transported to a local hospital after suffering a broken leg during a heat race crash.
04/06/14 World of Outlaws / USAC Western Classic Daryn Pittman (2) / Ryan Bernal (2) Kahne #9 (2) / Phulps #56 Daryn Pittman slid past Cody Darrah on Lap 18 and led a Kasey Kahne Racing sweep of the World of Outlaws STP Sprint Car Series podium on Sunday night at Calistoga Speedway with Brad Sweet and Darrah finishing second and third, respectively. There were 27 WoO winged sprint cars that timed-in. Sweet had quick-time with a 16.457. ...Ryan Bernal won his second career Calistoga feature event in the USAC Western Classic A-Main. Bernal was followed to the checkered flag by Geoff Ensign, and Richard Vanderweerd.
06/21/14 King of the West Rico Abreu (4) Abreu #24 (2) Rico Abreu raced to his fourth career Calistoga feature win. The top five was: Abreu, Jon Allard, Kyle Hirst, Bud Kaeding, and Brent Kaeding. ...Abreu also had quick-time at 16.939. “Paul Silva and my guys give me a great car whenever I’m in this thing so I can’t thank them enough. I also want to give my hats off to the track prep crew, because the track was awesome tonight. It was a lot of fun and we had great racing all night long.” ...Jeff Gordon was among those who witnessed Rico's win.
08/30/14 USAC-CRA w/ USAC Western Classic, and USAC Western Midgets Christopher Bell / Rico Abreu (5) Roth #51T (14) / Kunz #97 (4) Christopher Bell, Damion Gardner, Rico Abreu were the "podium" finishers on the opening night of the Louie Vermeil Classic. Bell was making his first career start at Calistoga. There were 25 non-wing sprint cars on hand, paced by Gardner's quick-time of 19.453. Bud Kaeding, driving a special Tribute to Bob Miller Los Gatos Body Shop #69 scheme, flipped during the feature. ...Alabama driver Kevin Thomas Jr. made his Stoga debut and finihsed seventh in the sprint car A-Main. ...There were 18 midgets vying for big-money. USAC National Midget point leader Rico Abreu of Rutherford, Calif. and teammates Christopher Bell and Tanner Thorson “swept” the podium. Abreu passed Bell on lap 28 and led the final three laps of the Honda USAC Western Midget feature in his Toyota TRD Bullet/Speedway Toyota. Bell was second and Thorson third ahead of Shane Golobic and Ronnie Gardner. Golobic led the first six laps and Bell the next 21 before Abreu’s winning move.
08/31/14 USAC-CRA w/ USAC Western Classic, and USAC Western Midget Rico Abreu (6) / Christopher Bell (2) Abreu #24 (3) / Kunz #71 (5) Rico Abreu wheeled his Abreu Vineyards sprinter to victory in Sunday night’s 30-lap “Louie Vermeil Classic” AMSOIL USAC/CRA Sprint race at Calistoga Speedway.He led the final nine laps after passing Christopher Bell on lap 22. Austin Williams led the first three laps and Bell led the next 18. Kevin Thomas Jr. took second at the checkered flag ahead of Bell, Geoff Ensign and Bradley Terrell. Matt Mitchell had quick-time at 19.589. Flip victims included Austin Williams, and Robert Ballou. ...Christopher Bell of Norman, OK won Sunday night’s 30-lap “Louie Vermeil Classic” Honda USAC Western Midget finale. Bell passed teammate Tanner Thorson on lap 26 and led the final five laps in his Toyota TRD Bullet/Speedway Toyota. Tanner Thorson was second ahead of Ronnie Gardner, Cody Swanson and Nick Chivello. Trey Marcham led the first 13 laps and Thorson led the next 12 before Bell went to the front. ....Car counts: There were 24 sprint cars. 20 Midgets.
04/11/15 World of Outlaws / Civil War Brad Sweet (2) / Sean Becker (2) Kahne #49 (3) F&F Racing X1 (2) 35 World of Outlaws cars on-hand (bolstered by co-sanction with King of the West). Quick-time went to Joey Saldana at 15.782. Brad Sweet won his second career Calistoga feature event after starting fourth. Shane Stewart finished second, followed by Jason Sides, Donny Schatz, and Kerry Madsen. ...Sean "The Shark" Becker won the companion Civil War winged 360 feature. Shane Golobic was second, and Andy Forsberg finished third.
04/12/15 World of Outlaws / Joe Hunt wingless 360's Donny Schatz (3) / Colton Slack Tony Stewart Racing #15 (6) / Slack #17 Donny Schatz was not feeling well but that did not stop him from winning his third career Calistoga feature in the World of Outlaws portion of the show. Jason Sides finished second with Craig Dollansky third, Shane Stewart fourth, and Kerry Madsen fifth. David Gravel paced the 35 qualifiers with a 16.799. ...Colton Slack won the companion wingless 360 feature despite a memorable drive by runner-up Joe Stornetta.
06/28/15 King of the West Kyle Hirst (3) Roth Motorsports #83 (15)

Race-long leader Rico Abreu lost a left rear tire just two-laps shy of victory, allowing Kyle Hirst the chance to claim the lead and hold off a hard charging Jonathan Allard for the King of the West 410 Sprint Car Series win. It also marked Hirst’s third career triumph at the Napa County Fairgrounds half-mile.

09/05/15 USAC/CRA Sprint Cars & USAC Western Midgets Ryan Bernal (3) / Rico Abreu (7) Phulps #56 (2) / Kunz #97 (6) A long, bad night at the track. The sprint car feature was curfew shortened to 27 laps after crew-member Jeff Stitch was critically injured after being bucked from a quad, racing to change a tire for his friend Damion Gardner. Ryan Bernal won the race. Bernal had been passed by Rico Abreu on the previous lap but passed Abreu back with a deep drive into turn three prior to the yellow flag coming to complete lap 28. The win paid $7,000. Abreu finished second. 28 sprint cars timed-in, paced by Abreu's 19.275. Terry Schank Jr. flipped wildly into turn one during time-trials. Jason McIntosh and Danny Faria Jr., flipped during the feature. ...The companion, $10,000 to-win, midget feature was dominated by Abreu in Keith Kunz' Toyota. Abreu broke the track record for midgets becoming the the first first midget driver to get below 20 seconds. Abreu's lap was 19.808! ...R.J. Johnson and Chase Raudman made their announcing debut in the infield with Les Kynett. Bobby Gerould and Troy Hennig handled the booth.
09/06/15 USAC/CRA Sprint Cars & USAC Western Midgets Rico Abreu (8) / Rico Abreu (9) Abreu #24 (4) / Kunz #97 (7) Rico Abreu was untouchable in both divisions of the Vermeil Classic. The show was well-run and finsihed by 9:50 pm. ...The midget top-five was 1. Rico Abreu, 2. Ronnie Gardner, 3. Kevin Thomas Jr., 4. Ryan Bernal, 5. Trey Marcham. ...Kevin Thomas Jr. flew in overnight from a USAC National race in Illinois to set the midget quick-time in the Ford 73x at 20.491. ...Terry Nichols flipped and caught on fire in turn two in the midget feature. ... Brody Roa had quick time for the 25 sprint cars. Leonard went 19.720. The sprint car feature top-five: 1. Rico Abreu, 2. Ryan Bernal, 3. Jake Swanson, 4. Danny FariaJr., 5. Mike Spencer,  ...Big crowd! ...New feature at the concession stand is a "Big Louie", a sausage sandwich infused with Vermeil wine.
04/09/16 World of Outlaws RAINED OUT   The entire weekend of racing was washed out. The schedule showed racing for both April 9th and 10th.
06/26/16 King of the West / Joe Hunt wingless spec sprints Bud Kaeding (3) / Terry Shank Williams #0 (3) / Shank #1 Bud kaeding won the KWS feature. 17 cars started the A-Main. The top five: Bud Kaeding, Cory Eliason, Kyle Hirst, Shane Golobic, Colby Copeland. ...The finish for the spec sprints: Terry Shank, Matt Streeter, Klint Simpson, Nick Larson, Angelique Bell, John Clark, Shayna Silvia, Barry Pries, Zachary Kavert, Brian Grossenheider, Brian Sperry.
09/03/16 USAC/CRA Sprint Cars & USAC Western Midgets Ryan Bernal (4) / Tanner Thorson Phulps #56 (3) / Kunz #67 (8) Ryan Bernal won the Sprint Car portion of the first night of the 2016 Vermeil Classic. Bernal led a top five that included, Damion Gardner, Carson Macedo, Richard Vanderweerd and Tanner Thorson. Gardner led the opening eight laps before Bernal moved by. 31 Sprint Cars were on hand, paced by Robert Ballou's quick time of 19.365. Heat winners were: Thorson, Bernal, Chase Johnson, and Jac Haudenschild. Carson Macedo won the B-Main. Ballou flipped hard in the feature event, suffering a broken back. His car was as high as the top of the catch fence in turn 1. Haudenschild was the hard-charger driving from 23rd to 7th in Paul Silva's #57. ...The midgets drew 22 cars with Thorson getting the win for Keith Kunz. The top five: Thorson, Spencer Bayston, Macedo, Ronnie Gardner and Shane Golobic. Bayston (Kunz #97) broke the midget track record, turning a 19.774!
09/04/16 USAC/CRA Sprint Cars & USAC Western Midgets Thomas Meseraull / Michael Faccinto Bates #42x / MF #35F Michael Faccinto pulled off an improbable victory Sunday night in the midget feature, using a late race restart to pass race-long leader Tanner Thorson. ...Thomas Meseraull won the sprint car show. He took the lead with four laps remaining by diving under race leader Carson Macedo in turn one, which resulted in hard contact between the two that sent Macedo into the wall and barrel rolling down the track. Only 12 of the original 25 cars finished the race that was called at 11pm, one lap shy of the scheduled 30-lap distance. ...The large crowd donated over $4,000 to a fund for Robert Ballou, the defending USAC national sprint car champion who broke his neck during a violent crash in Saturday night’s feature. ...Thorson set quick time in the sprint cars with a 19.508 in Clyde Lamar's #3c. There were 32 sprint cars.