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Jonathan Allard opens 2010 Golden State Challenge season with dominating drive for 20th career series victory. By Gary Thomas. ... Placerville, CA - March 27, 2010…A year after finishing runner-up in seven of the 21 races with the Golden State Challenge Series Chico, California's Jonathan Allard was poised to break that trend right off the bat in 2010 and on Saturday night he did just that by scoring a flag-to-flag victory at the Placerville Speedway during the season-opening event for the traveling 410 sprint car circuit. The victory for Allard was his first Golden State Challenge triumph since last year's Dave Bradway Jr. Memorial and marked his 20th career victory with the series, which places him fourth on the all-time win list. "It was a total team effort tonight and I just really have to thank all my guys for giving me a great car," said the two-time King of California. "A few weeks ago we were in a pretty bad crash and Ashley Smith and the boys put together another car and this thing was awesome tonight so I couldn't be happier." Brent Kaeding finished second with Bobby McMahan third, Kyle Larson fourth, and Andy Forsberg fifth.

Jon Allard wins $40,000 Dirt Cup - Alger, WA. ...The 40th anniversary of the Super Dirt Cup offered a $40,000 top prize. Jon Allard of Chico led all 40 laps to drive away with the loot aboard the Morrie Williams #0. It was Allard's third career victory in the biggest sprint car race race in the Northwest. Tim Kaeding finished second.


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