KNOXVILLE, IOWA (February 24, 2006)  -  Three-time World of Outlaws (WoO) and 1983 Knoxville Nationals champion Sammy Swindell leads the induction ‘class of 2006’ into the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame.  Thirteen individuals will be inducted into the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame on Saturday afternoon, June 3, during the seventeenth annual ceremonies on the Marion County Fairgrounds in Knoxville, Iowa.  Those elected by the National Induction Committee are:


Drivers:  Johnny Hannon, Rickey Hood, Lee Kunzman, Francis Quinn, Jimmy Sills, Sammy Swindell, Granville “Buster” Warke.


Owners-Mechanics-Builders-Manufacturers-Car Sponsors:  Bob Pankratz, Jud Phillips, Taylor “Pappy” Weld.


Promoters-Officials-Media Members-Event/Series Sponsors:  Lanny Edwards, Newton “Buzz” Rose, Ted Wilson.


            According to National Sprint Car Hall of Fame & Museum Foundation executive director Thomas J. Schmeh, “Wow.  This is another stellar class of inductees, led by ‘modern era’ champions Rickey Hood of Arizona, Lee Kunzman of Indiana, Jimmy Sills of California, and Sammy Swindell of Tennessee.  It’s a neat connection with Hood and Swindell having grown up as second-generation racers at the Riverside Speedway bull-ring in West Memphis, Arkansas.  And we’re thrilled to be honoring ‘Buster’ Warke of Pennsylvania in his lifetime; it’s just too bad that we couldn’t do the same for fellow drivers Johnny Hannon and Francis Quinn.  In addition, we couldn’t be happier about having the opportunity to educate modern fans about the great mechanical work of Bob Pankratz, Jud Phillips, and ‘Pappy’ Weld, respectively.  Finally, we look forward to honoring promoter Lanny Edwards of the Devil’s Bowl Speedway in Mesquite, Texas, racer-turned-author ‘Buzz’ Rose of Arizona, and Thirties-era photographer Ted Wilson from the West Coast.  The induction banquet on Saturday, June 3, will be a very special event for many people!”


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