Racers Racing Series  

FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions.


Q: What is the RRS?

A: The Racers Racing Series (RRS) is a simple point system that covers 60 of the biggest National sprint car, midget, and champ-dirt races. Points are based on final posted results. At the end of the season the high point driver is named Champion, and he/she receives 40% of monies contributed by race fans and businesses.


Q: Why do this?

A: Why not? The RRS, if supported by the sprint car and midget community alone, could lead to bettering our sport by putting up more money for the racers and highlighting our most important races. Imagine if 125 fans or businesses gave $1,000 each. Suddenly we would be paying $50,000 to a champion, which would generate headlines and interest. Additionally we would have a budget to market the series.


Q: What does the future hold?

A: No one knows. We think if these 60 races were televised by a network, a very tidy and entertaining package could be created. Fans would get to see great racing with points racing drama. A TV sponsor could make the points payoff big enough for drivers from the winged world to consider racing non-wing events and vice-versa. The RRS covers many top sanctioning bodies at their most prestigious races. The natural energy of these 60 intense racing events comes HammerDown! certified.


Q: Who makes the schedule?

A: HammerDown! Promotions owner Bobby Gerould.  Bobby’s first racing love is for sprint cars, midgets, and Silver Crown cars. He has traveled the USA working with a variety of sanctioning bodies (NHRA, SCCA, ASA, WoO, USAC), TV and radio networks (TNN, Speed), and production houses (Diamond P., Wheeler-TV, Ohlmeyer). He’s learned through observation of successes and failures.


Q: How does the point system work?

A: It pays 70 points to win, 63 for second, 57, for third, 52 for fourth, 48 for fifth, 45 for sixth, 43 for seventh, 42 for eighth and drops by one until 35 points for 15th.


Q: What is the All-HammerDown! Team?

A: The All-HammerDown! Team is a fictional team composed of the Top 40 drivers in the RRS Point Standings at the end of each season.


Q: When will my logo appear on the web site after I contribute?

A: Checks must clear. Money orders will allow for quicker posting. General policy is that once artwork is received, it will be posted within seven days.


Q: Where can contributions be sent to?

A: 5016 Knights Way. Rocklin, CA. 95765. Payable to “HammerDown! Promotions”.   


Q: How do the racers and race promoters feel about the RRS?

A: Our experience so far is that they are appreciative even if they don’t really get it yet. We don’t ask for anything from the promoters or racers, and they get free publicity for their races, and race teams. The top five drivers in 2005 will receive money.